5 Crazy things to do at a wedding!

Weddings are a time where you would meet people after a long time. Its a perfecft reunion of families ,freinds and loved ones. Make the reunions a memorable one. P.S -Photographers love the crazy ones and you become their ideal subject for a candid pic.

Weddings are a time away from home, work, stress, pressure and the best opportunity for you to meet new people, old people, make new friends and catch up with cousins. Answering the "What's your future plan?" question to the old uncles and aunties does make everyone want to avoid a family gathering, but trust me it can be worth it and so much more fun.

Here are a few things that you could do at a wedding and make it enjoyable for you and others as well.

1)  Selfie :  I mean , isn't it obvious? . Selfies bring out some really funny expressions and are worth the lameness or stupidity because its going to be a lovely picture for sure. So don't wait for the photographers to ask you to pose. Just grab your phone and take a selfie with everyone , your cousins, friends, family, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers. Looking at them later would definitely be one awesome feeling for sure.

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2) Hog on :  Forget the diet and routine for those 2 days in your life, because it's time to enjoy the amazing food that you would find only at weddings. So don't be a fool and stick to your diet. Try out every dish, every cuisine available and let your taste buds have the best food that they could ever have.

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3 ) Make some noise :  We are all good and well behaved at all times. Its okay to sometimes go crazy and let loose. Crack stupid jokes, laugh out loud, sing , dance and jump and make this a mini holiday time. Wedding photographers are going to love you since this opens up a lot of lovely emotions and happiness to capture at weddings. So be yourself and be fun :)

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4) Dance - even though you call yourself a "Non dancer" -  There's going to be music throughout the event and you want to spend time warming up a chair? Not happening. Show off you moves and go for all those movie steps that you always wanted to do. No beat or rhythm is needed and it does not have to make sense . Either you'll enjoy or a lot of people will have a laugh looking at you.. it does not matter as long as you're having fun. 

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5) Dress up!  This might sound stupid. However , there's not much time we spend on ourselves these days with the busy schedule we have. So weddings give you a reason to dress up, then why not make the most of it. Look nice, put on some product and pose for the camera instead of complaining and regretting as to how awful you looked at a wedding. If you are self obsessed then even better, enjoy getting clicked by wedding photographers instead of shying away and avoiding the frame. You'll like it , trust me.

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5 Crazy things to do at a wedding!