All that you wanted to ask about Candid Photography but did not ?

If you are looking for a wedding photographer and just heard the word "Candid", here are a few words to satisfy your curiosity !

Photo Credits: Shashank Mhaswade


  1. Truthful and straightforward; frank.
  2. (of a photograph of a person) Taken informally, esp. without the subject's knowledge.

A candid photograph is a photograph that is captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos. Thus, the candid character of a photo is regardless of the subject's knowledge or consent as to the fact that photos are being taken, and regardless of the subject's permission for subsequent usage such as distribution, but related to the apparent absence of posing.

Well, that's as much as wikipedia and online directories can tell us. It is simply put a photograph that is honest and taken without requesting or providing a pose. Why is this such a big deal ? After decades of trying to outwit nature, we have realised its value. Being natural is beautiful and its time to celebrate it.

Simply put Candid photographers, pride themselves on capturing your natural emotions. Henri Cartier Bresson is often thought of as the father of Candid photography. Do read his wiki link, fascinating story!

Sometimes I think of candid's in a very sporting sense. In sport, you need to be absolutely relaxed and just play your natural game. Pretenses of any sort cannot be kept up. I feel that's true of everything in life. When you are free, when you are natural, you are at your best. That's really what the Best candid photographe'sr are after, the true YOU!!


Ok, Got that. Now I am sure they must be expensive ?

Yes and no, actually. The top Wedding photographers like Mahesh Shantaram, Soumen Das and many more are expensive, however you can still find some really nice clickers at an affordable price.

Now, does this mean, I need just one Photographer ?

Again, candid photographers are searching for emotions and that special thing. You will still need someone doing the traditional act of capturing / documenting the wedding. You do want clicks of all the events for posterity. The term used is Traditional / event photography. Usually we recommend the use of one event / traditional photographer and 1 or 2 Candid photographers.

Is that it ? Will doing this give me outstanding memories ?

Sorry, we are not done yet. The clicks are great and more of us are sharing pics online, but for the big day we want a big fat wedding album. The lovely candid shots and the outstandingly framed pics still need to be composed into an album. Photo albums come in varying sizes, shapes, material and most importantly in designs that can vary from the horrendously over designed to the subtly underdesigned albums. Choose your pick. 

Traditional Album design involves the use of design artifacts like backgrounds, prop pictures including god's / goddesses , holy places, important people and so on. Do you prefer your album this way, make a beeline to the traditional photo album designer and printer and he'll have one shipped in a matter of days.

Templatised albums , usually involve the use of standard templates into which pictures are plugged to provide a standard well designed feel and output. What's good is they are not over designed. What's bad is they look factory made.

Minimalistic designs, usually these designs focus on the pictures only and serve to use only photos as backgrounds, overlays, and attempt a design where the focus is just on telling the story with the photos at hand. Elegant, but not loved by all.

What about Video ?

We are of the strong opinion that traditional videography is on the way out. My marriage video was two days and tens of dvd's long. I ve never watched it myself and family members who attempted, are still at it. Video montage's are in. Get a lovely movie type 40 min montage like the one below and be on your way to fame and stardom!!

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All that you wanted to ask about Candid Photography but did not ?