Announcing the Launch of the Flatpebble Data Sciences Lab

Call it the Stat Zone if you want, but check out the latest Wedding Photography trends and heat maps here

Announcing the launch of our Data Sciences Lab:

We are super excited to announce the launch of the Flatpebble Data Sciences Lab ! Its your wormhole to a data driven future in Wedding photography. What are these heat maps and what does a data sciences lab mean (for those who know please skip this part).

Data Lab's : Is a cool term we startups use to monkey around with all the information we have. It's amazing how visualizing information makes it easier to consume. For e.g. the 440+ Customer requests for wedding photographers would just be a big, long, boring excel sheet that would send you over the roof of a tall building.

Overlay it on a map and suddenly, you start making observations and providing insights like a data Savant. "Ah there is more business below the Vindhya's than above it". or the fact that the Odisha, Chattishgarh, Nagpur belt is showing surprising demand for Candid wedding photography.

Simply put we have overlaid, job data on the India map on two parameters, Volume and Value. In addition we have shown budget breakdowns as histograms.

Job Volume Heat map:

First about the Job volume heat map. The map represents number of jobs originating from different regions of India. The areas in red are showing higher appetitie for Candid wedding photography. So if you are a photographer in these cities, you will be well served by, for smaller cities in Madhya Pradesh, we dont do such a good job yet.

Similarly, if you are looking to hire a photographer for your wedding in the top 6 cities in India, you are going to feel left behind if you dont get a candid wedding photographer on Flatpebble. ( ok, you can leave out that last part, but get a candid clicker for heavens sake, to keep up with the times!)

Job budgets / value Heat map:

The Job budgets / value heat map answers a more interesting question, how much are people spending on photography at their weddings and where. Unsurprisingly the top 6 metropolitan areas are hot (literally, see the red), however Pune and Nagpur residents have high budgets as well. Nagpur is a big surprise for us, for we never expected the quantity and quality of demand we witnessed. The Mumbai-Pune belt has the healthiest spend in the country, but Chennai outspends everyone else on great pics.


Budget Ranges and Big Spenders :

The last two graphs, show upto the minute data on spend ranges and the top 6 cities in terms of Spend.

Chennai is a big surprise in out-spending all of India on wedding photography. Do remember this is a trend as of today on Flatpebble and do keep an eye out for changes in these trends. For the DSL we only considered cities with over 10 requests. The budget range histogram also shows very interesting trends. The 40-50K INR range is the most popular spend category for customers. This is also in line with our current National average of 49,077 INR. So if your quotes are in this range you are being competitive. For premium members, the 1-1.25 lakh category is the most popular.

Catch all the live trends here at the Flatpebble Data Sciences Lab!

Like they say, "Data is the New Oil, Mine it judiciously to Profit" !






shashi kant
5 years ago
Its interesting to see, people across the country coming online and hiring wedding photographers of their choice which they were never able to do before, and the same goes for the photographers too.


Announcing the Launch of the Flatpebble Data Sciences Lab