True candid pictures must show the moment in such a way that cannot be emulated by others. Its the timing and visual appeal that puts together a true candid moment

Candid photography means taking pictures of people when they are going about their activity naturally. The dictionary defines Candid as meaning: “Informal; Unposed.” So essentially, it means taking a picture of someone just being themselves.  Traditional Wedding photography comparitively over the years has templatized the format to such an extent that it now seems apt to say "same wedding different faces". No wonder the demand for natural pictures are raising.

Indian Weddings by nature are colourful and  chaotic with many events packed in a day or couple. Compared to the west capturing the Indian weddings from a candid perspective is no easy task. Mainly because no two weddings or wedding rituals are the same. No two traditions are the same. There are so many variable factors within the framework of Indian weddings that the breadth of work for a photographer capturing the day from candid perspective is vast.

Candid Wedding Photography is about capturing that right moment, just when your mom gave you that sad yet happy smile seeing you dressed as bride, that unsaid tear in the dad's heart pouring out from his eyes, the heartfelt and spontaneous blessings coming from your friends and relatives, silly moments, ouch moments, tired moments and outpouring moments. It is all about capturing these along with a visual appeal to the pictures.

True candid pictures must show the moment in such a way that cannot be emulated by others. Its the timing and visual appeal that puts together a true candid moment. Beautiful portraits can be made by many but the art of capturing candidness of a moment is better done with people possessing the right knowledge of photography and the mastering of the technique.

It definitely is not about standing 50 meters away and taking a telescopic lens and firing away, nor is it about taking innumerable portraits with various kinds of blurred backgrounds.

How do I choose whom to hire?

Q1) Do you want out and out candid photography for your wedding with just a few group pics of your guests or a mix of everything or would you want a balanced mix of conventional and candid.

If you answered yes for the first you needs will be met by  a team of two candid photographers at minumum. For a balanced mix you should be looking and a combination of canidid and conventional photographers.

Q2) What is your style rather what images appeal to you most?

Each photographer has his style written all over his work. This is not a commoditiy sale where it is apples to apples comparison. Take time study their work, soon you will find your appeal and definitely lean towards his/her work. That is whom you are likely to work well with and be happy with the results.

Q3) Why is there such a vast difference in pricing in this field?

Photographers come with varied experience and quality of work. A photographer pricing is usually depends upon number of hours they put in capturing the moments, the amount of time spent in picking the right pictures for you and processing them (believe me this is a horrendous task for us), the cost of investment in the tools of trade and last but not the least the amount of time and effort spent in dealing with deliveries professionally. All this is bound to cost.  Please do not think the cost is directly proportional to number of hours spent in the mandap.

Flat Pebble has a budget estimator tool which will give you a fair overview of what will it likely cost you based on your needs please use that tool so that your inbox will be with quotations that you are most likely to be able to work with.

Q4) Does the photographers gear matter?

Answer to this would be a yes and no. The kind of camera the photographer uses does provide him/her an advantage to work with various light availability and helps him techincally be in advantage position. However that is not the criteria to ability to capture the moments that evovle in the events. Every photographer worth his salt will invariably invest ina  camera that will produce decently good results in low light secenairos which is a norm in Indian weddings.

Q5) I have picked my photographer what do I do next?

Make a conncetion with your photographer. Keep him appraised of changes in events upfront. Do not suprise them with drastic changes in events timeline or anything else connected to their work. The photographer does invest sometime in planning for your day based on manpower or anyother such things and except the same from your photographer too. All this will maintain a harmonious relation which will transpire to beautiful memories.