Candid Wedding Photography in India

One of the most important day of life is our Wedding day & we always wish to secure the memories of our Wedding day in best manner possible, hence Wedding photographer plays a important role to secure the moments...

Candid Wedding Photography in India: This term used to be unfamiliar few years ago as Wedding photography in India used to be done by traditional/ Studio wedding photographer, infact after Pundit Ji Studio photographer used to be only source of information regarding wedding rituals, hence used to rule the wedding venue as when & what wedding couple or the guests needs to do.

I remember my own wedding day when most of the things used to rule upon by them to the extent of making me irate as why a stranger who is not emotionally attached either with me or my family is ruling my most important day? Giving instructions to us as when to walk, stand, sit or perform any specific wedding rituals.... Strange isn't ?? Infact this still happens when you invite Traditional/studio photographer.....

Then came the Digital era, when decades old monopoly of Studio walla's got breached by much awaited genre of sensible & technically advanced Candid or Contemporary Wedding photographer’s the one who doesn’t believe in (madam ji-Sir Ishmail pleaaz) traditional pattern of capturing an event.

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Candid Wedding Photography in India