Cinematographic Wedding Videos

A worldwide growing trend, people want a different style of wedding video these days. They want to look like bollywood/hollywood stars and look forward to a wedding video produced just like a movie.

Arun and Aditi are getting married in May 2014 and want their wedding video to be 'different'. Now how can a wedding video be 'different'? The trending thing in videography is Cinematographic Wedding videos. They are actually different and staged. Obviously not everything in a wedding can be staged but more or less everything is pre planned, discussed and then parts are put together to get an amazing wedding video. 

How it is different from the traditional one?
1. The bites from bride/grrom and families/friends. What make it look more personal are messages by bride and groom and their families and friends. They are most of time emotional but also have touch of naughtiness and can take you to the long memory lane. 
2. The length of the video. The cinematic videos are smaller. They have glimpse of every celebration put together in such a way that they actually look like a movie.
3. The planning. Everything is planned. How things will go, How bride and groom will enter, How many cameras are going to be used, What will be the angles and much more. Without planning, it can not be done properly.
4. The equipment used. Most of the cinematic videographers prefer to use high end full HD cameras and a lot of the prefer DSLRs which has video facility. The colors and the DoF is beyond imagination. 

How much should you pay?
Don't think you can get the quality in same price of the tradition video. The person behind the camera and the person editing the video are hardcore artists and they expect to be paid as artists. Normally a cinematic video with two camera setups from single side (bride or groom) may cost a minimum of Rs.1,00,000/- to any amount depending on the number of days, location, number of ceremonies etc. 

What video format will you get?
In such cases a full HD video in Blu-ray DVD(s) are provided. Though such videos are trending in India, still a lot of homes do not have a Blu-ray player so you can ask your provider to give a copy in normal DVD format or you can ask him to simply rip the dvd in avi file which can be of 1-2 GB and the VLC player on your computer will be able to play it.

How to choose a team for such videos?
Look at the portfolio of the videographer properly. Do not just jump on the conclusion after watching one profile. Go through atleast 4-5 profiles to choose the best among them. Negotiation is good but do not push beyond certain limit. Over pushing can cause loss in final quality. Bargaining is only possible to certain limits.

They are asking for more than your budget. What should you do?
I have only one question. Are you compromising on decoration, location or dresses? If no, then paying extra to a photographer or videographer should not hurt you. Pay them properly as what they will give will stay with you forever and will keep your memories safe. 

Anything else to keep in mind?
These days videographers and photographers are invited for a wedding from far locations. They may or may not know about the traditions and ceremonies. It is always better to brief them and tell them what you want and what can or should be avoided. Rest, just have faith in the team you hired and let them make your day special.

A few samples can be seen on Our Youtube Playlist



Cinematographic Wedding Videos