Drone Aerial Photography For Real Estate and Hotels

Real estate and Hospitality are two segments where the sales are mostly influence by the images of the actual property. Aerial photography these days is adding a lot of value in both the sectors.

There was a time when photography was limited to the ground but with the new technology now photography is also taking new heights. With the stable technology like multi rotors we can send any camera in the sky to click the images we want to. 

Aerial Photography Services are builds on recent development in radio controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform technology, and the development of light weight high definition cameras, to bring you better aerial photos at less cost than ever previously possible.    


There development combines with digital video photography bring an entirely unique experience and perspective to corporate,promotional and tourist video. Simply put, we use a HD camera onboard a remote controlled unmanned drone hexacopter to capture the story you want to tell, to share it with the world. 

Photography is not only limited to still images but the more advanced post production like panorama and virtual tour are adding a lot of value in it and benefiting real estate industry.



Drone for Real Estate : 

Imagine you are a developer of a 200M tall tower. Currently you just have the land with you and your building will take another 2 years to get the final shape. But till that time how you will sell and market your property ? 

Here comes the aerial photography.  Our flying machines can take the camera up in the air to the given height and capture images for you. Can you believe that you will be having the actual views from the apartment which your buyer will get after 2 years once they buy that property. So the real estate is getting such aerial views to promote the property and its location and view. 

Aerial Panorama : 

If a photographs is worth a thousand words then a 360 degree panorama worth 1000 photographs. Images show you only a part of the story and location. But if you are buying a property then you would like to see the overall surrounding of the location. We have developed the solution for that and helping real estate to boost their sales. 

Such aerial panoramas can be seen on PixelDo.Com website. 

Link 1      Link 2

Drone for Hospitality Segment : 

Once a prospective visitor sees that your property has exactly the facilities and amenities that they are looking for, they are likely to make their reservations immediately. Use aerial images, both stills and motion, to show your property at it’s best on your web site and in your brochures. Using aerial photographs, aerial views and air films not only offers information at a glance, it also feels like a real visit.

See this amazing aerial video of Ramada Resort at Goa shot by PixelDo.Com

Ramada Resort Aerial Film

‚ÄčAlso you can see these aerial travel videos which shows you Indian places and events with a new perspective. 

Pushkar Camel Fair Aerial Video

Bundi Rajasthan Aerial Video

If you have any queries related to aerial photography you can send it on Hello@PixelDo.Com. Author of this post is a leading Aerial photographer in India.



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Drone Aerial Photography For Real Estate and Hotels