Flatpebble.com Private Job feature - How it works!

Read about the New Private Job for Creatives Feature, Here !!

Its been an exciting and hard working week for all of us here at Flatpebble. We have launched 3 Key new features. Read about them here.

Private Jobs :

We have upgraded the Hire Me button, to allow customers to reach out to creatives / photographers who's portfolios they like. All such direct requests are posted on approval as Private jobs. Your email will read New Private Job, which is an appreciation of your work and your chance to service a customer without competition.

Its pretty simple really.

1) Customers browse through portfolios, get into detailed views of someone who catches their eye.

2) Clicking on the Hire Me button, allows customers to request a private or direct quote from a creative.

3) The customer fills out the detailed template.

4) The Flatpebble team, verifies the genuiness of the job and the completeness of the form before approving the job.

5) You get a new email notification - "New Private Job posted"

6) The job posting also shows up in our job postings as private to a photographer.

7) Click apply to respond to the job.

8) Your credit details etc are visible on the job /email.

Key Learning: 

Customers are already setting higher budgets on Private jobs displaying their willingness to pay a premium for work they love. So keep working on your showcase and be discoverable. All this within a few hours of launching the Private Job feature !!

So what's the advantage of a private job?

1) Apply with minimal competiton.

2) Be privy to a higher budget

3) Close a sale with a customer who already likes your work.

ps: Customers might choose to send out multiple private quotes, but that means they have stepped into your portfolios and liked your work before requesting a private quote.


See Screenshots below, live from Flatpebble.com





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Flatpebble.com Private Job feature - How it works!