Food - The flavour of Indian Weddings

No matter how beautiful the hall is decorated ,or however nice the bride looks, food takes the priority over all this at a wedding and that's what everyone remembers. Read on to know the delicacies of India and realise the amazing cusines we have!

India from time immemorial has been known worldwide for its culture and diversity and a direct effect of this is diversity in our food, and this is beautifully reflected as food is an integral part of every celebration. As we move from North to South, or East to West, we see a vast difference in food culture, and that is what makes India so diverse and so much fun to attend every celebration that takes place, especially weddings. 

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There is a varied platter of food that is found in the weddings of each culture which  provides ample opportunity for photographers as well. In general, in a south Indian wedding, the food traditionally is served on a banana leaf keeping in mind the time old traditions, and the food is served is generally vegetarian.

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While the food is kept traditional during the Muhurtham, such as rasam, appalam, flavored rice etc. During the reception, people tend to shift to world cuisines such as Italian or Mexican, and also have chaat items to cater to the interests of various people. In north Indian weddings, the food usually consists of flatbread, dal makhani, butter chicken, shahi paneer etc. Rich and spicy, it often leaves the guests licking their fingers.

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In western Indian weddings, the food is usually vegetarian consisting of flatbread, dal, curry, salad, pickle and chutney. In eastern India, the feast includes fish, chicken/mutton preparations, pulao, cholar dal, chutney, mishit doi etc. Weddings also provide ample opportunities for photographers 

Food in weddings not only gives happiness to the people who eat it, but also wedding photographers can experiment with the same and try their hand at food photography as well. These pictures can be of use to various caterers to advertise and use the images for business purposes. This not only gives opportunity to grow business, but also involves working with people of different fields and builds relationships



Food - The flavour of Indian Weddings