How to Create Portfolio on Flatpebble

This article describe steps to create portfolio with screenshots

We have upgraded to version 2.0, now portfolio creation is very easy, it's a 5 minutes task if you have 15 photos greater than 1000 pixel ready with you.


Photographers need to follow 3 simple steps to create portfolio on flatpebble, listed below - 

  1. Login via Facebook/Google+
  2. Register as a photographer – entering basic details about company
  3. Selecting specialty and uploading photos and videos.


Step 1- Login via Facebook or Google+

When you go to our homepage – click on “Register as Photographer 

screen 1: homepage

You will get a login page, click on Facebook button to connect with your facebook account or Google+, to connect with your Google account, screenshot as below - 

screen 2: login page


Step 2-Portfolio Creation

After you login via FB/G+ you will get to the screen where you need to add a gallery name for your account, it should be unique and click on "Create my free portfolio"

screen 3:gallery name

On clicking “Create my free portfolio” and it will take you to “Create/ Edit your portfolio” page, shown as below - 

Things to keep in mind  –

  • All fields in highlighted in red are mandatory
  • After you enter your business phone number, you’ll get verification code in few minutes which you need to enter
  • Choose your primary and secondary service area

After filling up all the details, Click on add specialty to add a new specialty to your account.

screen 4:create/edit portfolio


Step 3 – Adding specialty

Choose your specialty, enter your starting price and click “Next”.

screen 5:add specialty

After pressing “Next” you will get to photo uploading screen, where you can upload photos from Facebook as well as from your computer

screen 6:upload photos

When you select facebook to import photos our system will import all your albums and photos which are greater than 1000 pixel. Select at least 15 photos and click on “Next”

screen 7: facebook photo uploads

Next screen is for importing videos from your Youtube account, screenshot as below -

And by clicking on finish, your portfolio is completed and will verified and approved by the flatpebble team.

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How to Create Portfolio on Flatpebble