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This Article describes how users can quote on Customer requests. Includes Best Practices and Tips !

Quoting to win customers on

Every quote on can win or lose you customers. With charged credits, every credit is also costing you money, it makes a lot of sense in adhering to Best Quoting Practices on

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Simple Rules

1) Read the customer request - See all Services requested and events to be covered.

2) Check the date and location of the job.

3) Check the budget

4) Now you are ready to Quote

                 Note: This is only a Sample Quote. All Values are for example only.

Best Quote Practices

1) As much as possible ensure you are offering all requested services. (For eg. if the customer request was for Candid photography and Videography and you are unable to offer Videography, refrain from quoting or tie up with a Videographer. (Tip: You can also find a Peer Videographer on by posting a peer job.)

2) Always provide a breakdown of the charges for different events. (For eg. Traditional Photography - Rs 7000, Candid Photography - Rs 25,000 etc)

3) Describe the services being offered in detail ( For eg. 1 Traditional Photographer and 2 Candid Photographers with a Canon DSLR Mark 5 will cover your wedding from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm on the 24th of September.)

4) Ensure your portfolio is updated and has pictures relevant to the region and the religion the customer request is from.

How to Price

1) Do not quote a price that is close to the customer budget.

2) Use a cost plus pricing model to always provide the best price to a customer. Pricing your quote close to the customer's budget will ensure you are undercut by competition.

3) Price is mentioned as one of the top 2 parameters that customers use to finalise the deal with their Photographer.





How to Quote on