How to have fun in Indian Weddings

A brief guide to having fun in Indian Weddings

They say Indian's spend up to a half or more of their lifetime's earnings during a wedding. It certainly is an important occasion to us. However India is large and it's not without reason that it's called the sub-continent.

Here are the broad contours that'll help you prevent any gaffes.

Simple divides: North and South India. That simple bifurcation will decide in a broad sense how much fun you are going to have and that will also depend on the kind of person you are.  North India is the home of a party. It's where weddings mean dances late into the night, till the next morning and the next night and so on... Sometimes everyone loses track of whose wedding it was and how many days it's been on for. The bottom line of course is gallons of booze and tons of partying. North Indian's are also lavish spenders, a great place to be if you are a Shaadi (wedding) vendor. Top of the list is a lovely location; gardens are hot nowadays, more than hotels and other closed spaces. This means decor is equally crucial. Importers of lilies, cherubs and other exotic non-Indian flowers love wedding seasons.

Of course with all the opulence is the need to record the event in detail and for posterity. Wedding photographers of the candid type are in massive demand as well. For some reason video remains a sidekick to photography. Video montages are "in" though, and if you are in a north Indian wedding, remember to hunt down a "Sherwani" (Long Indian Male Gown) and make sure you star in a montage. It could be your few minutes of fame. 

So, dress in a "Sherwani", practice your "bhangra" and bring your best moves to a North Indian wedding and you'll be the life of the party.

Let's head down South. Suddenly everything is a lot more serious. Weddings here are solemn gatherings, 100's of rituals to be adhered to. 100's of elderly eyes watch the nuts and bolts of every intonation to ensure the sanctity of auspicious actions are not lost. 
It's usually steaming hot, so head out for a nice white Dhoti and in a few hours you'll thank the native choice of clothing. 
Most of the gathering is from an American neighborhood or is heading there. Neigh, don't discount the elderly either, they have an impressive number of air miles under their belts. Of course it's not all dreary. The food is sumptuous and lavish. Don't forget to thank the hosts for a meal you've never imagined you could consume.

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How to have fun in Indian Weddings