I never thought I'll hire a Wedding Planner till I read this ! Don't miss the 3rd Point.

With the raising trend of wedding planners, here are few ways in which a wedding planner can make your life easier and your wedding a relaxed experience for you.

Wedding planners are professionals who help you with the design, arrangement , decoration, photography, guest handling, arrangement of accommodation and a hundred other things that are involved in a wedding. Everyone is busy with their own lives and we all typically rush through all the preparations in the last one month. This is where a wedding planner will come to your rescue. Here are a few reasons why you should get yourself  a wedding planner.

Saves time – Planning a wedding takes an enormous amount of time. A good wedding planner will save you time and energy by researching vendors, taking care of the many, many details, and coming up with various creative ideas to make your wedding amazing! They can help you find the best wedding photographer or that perfect caterer for your reception—something that could take you forever to do with your busy schedule and will make it possible to get things done on time.

                                                                Photo Credits - Shiv Sharma

Help you stay within your budget – Weddings can be really expensive and hiring a wedding planner can save a lot of money as they provide a lot of business to vendors, who in turn will give he or she discounts, therefore falling in with your requirements and at the same time sticking to your budget.  Also, by understanding what is important to you, a wedding planner can decide what items can be cut from the budget so you can afford what is most important to you. A wedding planner knows how much things should cost, roughly what percentage of your budget will be spent in each area, whether, and when payments will need to be made in order to secure services or products.

                                                                                 Photo Credits - Katia Peshakova

Peace of mind - Hiring a wedding planner ensures that you will have a worry-free and stress-free day as they will help you make a good decision, based on their years of experience. It's your first wedding, and this is their thousandth, so you will be in good hands with a wedding planner helping you make decisions. A wedding planner has time and the skills to deal with everything on your behalf. All you have to worry about is taking care of yourself and enjoying your engagement period.

                                                                                    Photo Credits - Amar Ramesh

Handles crisis – Most big events have crisis’s and there’s no way to avoid them, so it’s better to be prepared for them and this is where a wedding planner comes in. They will give you peace of mind that things will get done. Knowing that you have an advocate there coordinating your day allows you enjoy the moment and be a relaxed guest at your wedding, not a stressed-out problem solver. Having a wedding planner is like having a personal assistant whose sole responsibility is doing all the running around for your wedding.

                                                          Photo Credits - Kishor Krishnamoorthi

Make visions a reality – Whether you have a perfect wedding planned in your head, a vague idea or no idea at all, a wedding planner can make sure whatever it is that you have planned, become a reality and they can help you define  the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create. They know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. They can visualise what will work in your venue and know how to bring your desired mood to life. If it's something that can't be done, they can help turn your idea into a better one that can actually work.

                                                                                        Photo Credits - Anbujawahar R



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I never thought I'll hire a Wedding Planner till I read this ! Don't miss the 3rd Point.