Introducing Peer Jobs

Peer Jobs. Peer jobs are ,like second shooter job where professionals can find other professionals using the same quality params we provide our end customers. Get a great partner on and read on to find out how!

Super excited to announce the launch of Peer Jobs. In Photographer lingo, these are second shooter jobs. You have this big assignment coming up and your wingman is sick, busy, has quit or took a trip to Mars. Whatever the reason, no more picking up random people of the streets or facebook groups. You after all have a reputation to protect, one that has been built up and honed over many painstaking years.

The How to is Very Simple

1) Post a job like consumers do, you will find a small Peer Job check box at the bottom which is pre checked if you are a Contributor / Portfolio holder /Subscriber on

2) Fill out the details of the assignment including dates, budgets etc and specify any key skills you are looking for before posting the job.

3) Jobs are emailed out automatically to portfolio holders who meet speciality and locality criterea.

4) Peer Jobs show up on the 3 rd Tab of the Jobs/ work section.

5) You can also request quotes from Specific Photogrphers you are interested in which will be private quote requests to the specific photographers.

6) View detailed responses with photo portfolios and break downs. Communicate via, on the phone or email to select the chosen one.

7) Mark your job as fulfilled / Closed once you are done. ( For now just let us know).

8) Credit assignment will be proportional to the budget and will be lower than for consumer postings.


Who Benefits :

1) Young Photographers looking to gain some experience

2) Pro's looking to build teams / hire a temp shooter for a specific engagment. 


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5 years ago


Introducing Peer Jobs