Mehendi and Sangeet - The fun element in Weddings.

Most of us look forward to a wedding because of the amount of fun we will have and the people we meet after ages. Typically it is like a mini vacation off our routines for most of us and here are a few reasons why they are so much fun.

In every wedding that happens, although it is the main event that everybody looks forward to, pre wedding rituals have a lot of significance in weddings, filled with fun and frolic, and the most significant of them being Sangeet and Mehendi.

                                                   Photo Credits   - Naresh Munigala

 Sangeet ceremony as the name suggests is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is usually exclusively for women. Initially, the sangeet party was organized only by the bride's family but with changing times it is now observed by the groom's family as well. Also, it was a ritual which was only seen in North Indian weddings, but nowadays it is conducted in Bengali and South Indian marriages as well. As for Mehendi, the ceremony is mainly held at the bride's house or at a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. Generally the bride and groom attend the event together and on the occasion a professional mehendi artist or a relative applies mehendi to the bride's hands and feet. The designs are very intricate. Often hidden within the mehendi pattern the name or initials of the groom are applied. The event generally has a celebratory festival feel to it with the women dancing and singing traditional songs.

                                                                 Photo Credits- Renuka Chauhan

Mehendi ceremonies often have a dance off between the bride’s family and the groom’s family, and often witness the coming together of people who haven’t met for ages, and also witnesses a lot of candid moments. There is a lot of fun and frolic and the families put in a lot of effort to prepare for the dances. There is a lot of bling and glamour and a photographer has ample opportunities to shoot the many moments that mehendi ceremonies have, and to capture all the fun moments, kids running around, the meeting of the elders etc.

                                                                                              Photo Credits - Snapper Prachi

During the Sangeet, women crack jokes, tease the bride, merrily reminisce their youthful days and bless the girl for a prosperous married life. The environment quite often becomes emotional as the bride and her mother experience the pangs of separation from each other. After all the dance and singing is done, it’s time for refreshment. It mainly contains a number of snacks and sweet dishes. Women enjoy themselves to the fullest, making the environment light. And for a wedding photographer, it gives the opportunity to capture bridal moments, candid moments of the bride and her best friends, the mother-daughter relationship, bonding, and a lot more.

Shooting mehendi at a wedding can be peaceful and fun at the same time since it does not involve a lot of chaos and crowd. Also wedding photography enthusiasts can experiment with their camera equipment  since you may have time to get your shots right and there is nothing to hurry.

                                                                           Photo Credits - Fotographia 9

In case of shooting a sangeet, it is the fun quotient that is involved in a wedding. Dancing, singing, performances by kids , aunties , uncles and other relatives gives a wedding photographer all the room to shoot awesome drama , masti and laughter happening around.

Capturing people and emotions is something that everyone does. However, you could also attempt macro shots of the bridal mehendi and make it a part of your wedding photography since not many people pay attention to the mehendi pattern.

Lavish Indian weddings have a lot to offer, see the coming together of families to celebrate the union of two individuals, no matter how old or how young. It’s a matter of coming together, having a good time, and to celebrate.



Mehendi and Sangeet - The fun element in Weddings.