Top 5 Children/Babies Photographer on

We on have multitalented folks who not only do weddings, but also love shooting kids /babies. Looking for someone to shoot your baby's first birthday or any spl event, provides you with the best talent.

1) Anshumaan Singh - Simple and down to earth. Love for nature is what drew him to photography . Eagerness to learn and become better with every picture he clicks is what makes him stand out.  Anshumaan clicks simplicity and captures the right moments . Expressions, love, care and the purity of a relationship can be seen through anshumaan's clicks and pictures are the way he chooses to express himself.

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2) Priyanka Dev : Priyanka captures babies like no one else does. The innocence of a child is one of the emotions that her images will make you feel. Be it a maternity shoot which brings the parents closer to the child that they are soon going to hold in their arms, or a newborn shoot where you can see the parents’ overwhelming feelings of love and wonder for the little miracle in their live
Priyanka's images immortalize those moments of genuine love and evoke emotions in the viewer. They help hold on to those joys and those memories forever.

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3) Nikhil Sood : Nikhil loves life and is adept in presenting it in terms of pictures  through his artistic and  photographic skills . His photographs speak about  themselves . They are not only photographs but become the memories to be cherished forever and make one feel the intangible . Feelings , love , happiness , affection , care , emotions and celebrations all come alive.​ He believes that photography is not merely clicking but much more than that. It's about visualizing beauty , loving life , cherishing the details , expressing the emotions and bringing happiness to lives.​

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4) Kartik Jasti - Like a fine painting, a fine photographic image can portray a character or preserve a moment, a mood, a time, a place. KJP does just that... with a unique perspective!​ Capturing the expressions that are often missed, the hidden moments , naughty pranks and happy laughs, kartik captures them all with a personal touch. Wedding photography, fashion portfolios, portraits and baby photography are some of his areas of expertise.

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5) Rohan Bera - Rohan Bera and his team capture the simplicity in every moment. Be it at a wedding , family gathering, babies or birthday parties, Rohan has the sense of time to estimate a forthcoming moment to capture the right one. Friendly and approachable makes it very easy for anyone to work with him .

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Top 5 Children/Babies Photographer on