Traditional Wedding Photography

What is Traditional wedding photography ? how is it different from Candid Photography and lots more.

Traditional wedding photography focusses on posed pictures and on covering key events of a wedding. A large part of this article is more relevant to the Indian wedding scene more than any other place.

Indian weddings are tradition heavy. Traditional photographers, in addition to being knowledgable about the events and traditions of the region and the religion they are shooting into, also exude a lot of Photographer control.

Are you used to, "Don't step into the frame ?", "Sir , just tilt your head slightly please". "Smile please" :) and more, which are the attempts at getting a posed emotion just right. However, our marriages are loud, chaotic, anxious and fun filled. Traditional photography tends to portray calm, happiness and acts more to photo document the wedding.

"A lot of our customers have come back and told us, many people were missing in the album" !  A bride told us " I want a posed picture of my parents, and one with an elder" etc. My reading is that its also an occassion to celebrate some key people in your life.

The rituals of a wedding are extremely important to many people. They like to know, the religious texts were followed to the T. A traditional photographer is one who is has been filling in this role for a long time now. Most of them specialise in weddings of a certain region and most of the business is word of mouth, generated at a wedding. Local photo studios specialise in this task. 

So if you have to make a decision regarding traditional photography vs candid, our recommendation is to go for both. The traditional photographer ensures your wedding is well documented and the candid photographer ensures the happiness, the chaos and your tears are not lost. Your parents will love the traditional photographer and everyone will love the candid shots, so gun for a win win. 

A posed shot, a must have for Indian weddings and a cannot do for a candid photographer, that's the role traditional wedding photography fullfils.

Outputs and Deliverables of Traditional Photography:

Like most forms, the outputs are a Wedding album  / photobook. 70% of India is still getting a wedding album but photobooks, deliver substantially better quality in terms of print out and durability. However a key aspect is the type of design that goes into making a photobook. The more involved you are, the more you can ensure that the design represents key moments, key people, and has a design approach that you identify with. I'll write soon about various photobook design approaches that exist, in a subsequent article.




Traditional Wedding Photography