Understanding Credits

What are credits on Flatpebble.com, how does it all work ?

The Credits system like everything on Flatpebble.com is always evolving. This is how the "credits" system stands as of 24th Aug 2013.

1) Every member with a published portfolio receives 100 free credits.

2) Further credits can be obtained by subscribing to one of our Pricing plans here.

3) A standard public job currently costs 50 credits to apply to.. So with a free account you can apply to 2 standard public jobs.

4) A private job is a specific request from a customer to a photographer for a quote. A private job is slightly more expensive because the possibility of a hire is maximum as a customer has already liked the creative's work.In addition many customers set premium budgets for Private jobs. Private jobs currently cost 150 Credits per direct job. You can only apply if a customer has requested a private quote from a creative.

5) There are high value public jobs, for eg. a job with a budget of over 200,000 INR could require 150+ credits to apply to.

6) Similarly there are low value jobs for eg. a job with a budget of 8,000 INR, which can be applied to for 20 credits.

7) So basic rules, are credits are determined by Job budgets and job types. High budget jobs will require more credits and lower budget jobs will be charged lower credits. This also ensures competition is limited for higher value jobs and only serious applicants, with a full range of offerrings can apply to high value jobs.

We will continue to update the article when significant changes occur.



Understanding Credits