Understanding Customer Responsiveness

This article helps you understand the Customer Response Tracker

You have spent many hours preparing your quote and sending it out to customers and then your met be loud, deafening silence. We dont like this as much as you. The customer response tracker is an easy way to track responsive customers.

 You must have already seen the "Quote Read Receipt" feature, which alerts you that your quote has been read by a customer.

 The Customer Response Tracker is a quicker and easier way to understand if a job poster is responsive or not. It has Three main levels of information

1) The color coding (Green, Yellow and Red)  - indicates if a customer has not visited a posting for a long time. 0-2 weeks green, 2-4 weeks Yellow, > 4weeks - Red.

2) Time tracker - the lprevious visit a customer made to the posting  and the last time a customer replied to a photographer. - Do note, many customers prefer speaking on the phone to typing out responses, as this closes out issues faster. More and more customers prefer using Flatpebble as its non intrusive and secure.

3) If a customer has viewed an email id or a Phone number and the number of times, he/she has done that is also tracked, allowing photographers to understand the preferred mode of communication.

What does it mean to you as a Photographer ?

Customers in the green zone are active and highly likely to close a job and are actively looking to hire a photographer. - good idea to quote if the number of quotes and other parameters make sense to you.


What does it mean to you as a customer ?

An Active customer receives more quotes, there by a wider choice, more options, better quality and a great Price. 





Understanding Customer Responsiveness