Video portfolios & Review Integration on your Quotes now

You ve been asking for Videos on your portfolio's, here you go. We also integrated your reviews with your quotes, read all the details below!

Its been an exciting time here at Flatpebble. As our user and Subscriber numbers grow, your demands for more features has grown quite fast as well. You've kept us on our toes and we had fun running fast. We crossed 2 Crores in Job Value this month ( and already at 2.2 Crores now). Fulfillment are encouraging and more photographers are finding a great resource for their business than ever before.

We launched the "Data Sciences Lab" this week. Read about it here. This time its something more important and closer to your hearts.

Its all about your videos.

Add Youtube videos to your portfolios :

You have always had those cinematic montages in your collection and were dying to show them off to customers, go on now and add them to your portfolios.  Its pretty simple.

Log into --> Click on Hire or Get Hired --> Create / Edit your portfolio --> Specialties (add Videos under each specialty as you wish) --> Click Next and Click Finish to Publish.

You can add up-to 10 Youtube Video Links Per specialty and Flatpebble takes care of rendering it in your portfolios. Visibility in your detailed portfolio and Support for Vimeo are coming soon !

Review Integration on your quotes :

Customer reviews an your ratings are now auto embedded on every quote that Customers see. If you did'nt already know, we sms and email your quote to customers.

A great set of reviews gives customers enormous confidence to hire you, if you still haven't sent out and followed up on your review requests that's the first thing you should be doing !

This is the quote that your customers see.

  1.  What customers now get is easy access to your photo's, videos and past customer reviews.
  2. The better and more the number of reviews you have, the higher the possibility of closing business.
  3. If your quote is up against someone with great reviews, your chances of getting the assignment diminish.
  4. Don't be left behind, get "Reviewed"  today.

            *Pics and Quote view displayed above is for demo purposes only. Does not contain real data.


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Video portfolios & Review Integration on your Quotes now