We may not be able to get day light natural light shots while main wedding flow as most of the times Indian wedding are either Indoor or they happen during evening/ night time.

But 90% of the time we get to shoot the getting ready Images in the natural light. getting ready shot along with the details/ accessories shots are very important for us as this is the beginning of the wedding story we prepare for the couple.

So here are the few tips we recommend to achieve those editorialized shots while getting ready and also for the portrait / solo session .

- We always position our bride / groom toward the source of light like windows or door while getting ready or getting make up done. So incase there is any adjustment required in the terms of position of the furniture we recommend that is done one day in advance .

- Make sure the background has less cluttered as possible.

- It is always better to have a separate room to your self to avoid any background distraction

- It is good to make your makeup artist/ hair artist aware in advance that you will be getting these kind of shots done so you would need their support as well to achieve this.

- If possible please see the slide shows and story line we have under slide show menu on the website to understand this process. And we recommend you share them with the family and the makeup/hair artist as well for full corporation.



- Make sure you have one person who is responsible for your accessories / outfits so it is easier for us to interact with him/her while you are getting ready and we dont have to disturb you for the same.

 - We shoot dress/ outfit right before the hair/makeup start as sometime bride has to wear the dress before starting her hair and makeup.

- If you wish to have your Mom/dad or your bridesmaids in the shot while helping you getting ready like getting you into the dress / Putting on the veil etc. then we prefer that they get ready either before you or before these shots .


- List of Outfit/accessories we shoot during getting ready or right before you start getting ready.


Accessories (jewelry, garter, perfume, lipstick, hair piece, veil, shoes, flowers, rings, engagement ring, bridal party accessories, others)
Bride and bridesmaids' bouquets
Bridesmaids outfits
flower girl Basket
Gift for the Groom if any


Accessories (jewelry, tie, cuff links, perfume, shoes, customized items – socks, flask – flowers, rings, bridal party accessories, others)
Gift for the Bride if any

Since Groom getting ready is very quick so we love to get  some shots where  groom is having fun with groomsmen like playing games, having drinks with groomsmen etc.




Venk ( Flatpebble Admin )
4 years ago
Loved your article Vidhi and Tushar. It really is a team effort and getting ready for the shoot with a good Hair and makeup stylist surely helps....!! Like your accessory tips as well :)
2 years ago
Awesome your shared article on good Hair and makeup stylist surely helps....!!.
10 months ago
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