Your portfolio just got upgraded to 'MindBlowing"

Portfolio Feature upgrade release notes !

Your creativity deserved a better home, so we built one that we are super proud off, and one that we are sure will bring a smile to your face.

Your portfolio just got upgraded. Lets start with all the fun things you can now do with your portfolio.

A brand new portfolio Portfolio feature upgrade.

Portfolio Revamp:

We revamped the complete portfolio view. We also have made it super easy to add more photos, add videos and manage your portfolios or create new ones in a jiffy. it should take you less than 5 minutes to publish your portfolio, we promise (if you have 15 kick-ass photos ready).

Profile Pic for every Specialty:

The first photo on every specialty is now automatically your profile picture for that specialty. Don't like what you have, just go to the edit portfolio and switch any picture you like to the first position and watch your portfolio change instantly.

Rearrange Photos easily

..and yes, we now have that feature you've been craving for long, where you can switch your photos around.

Import unlimited Youtube Videos:

Also import your videos directly from Youtube and import unlimited videos. This is a cracker of a release.

Create / edit your portfolio:

We compressed 5 portfolio creation steps to just 2. The first step is to get an overview of your business, this is something that rarely changes and you can get done with this in less than 30 seconds. The service area selection feature is simpler and prettier than before.

The most exciting change is however, where you can directly get to doing what you love the most: Upload tons of photos and Videos, that are culmination of weeks and months of hardwork.

Edit photos directly, drag and drop them to change the order, delete photos that you are not proud off.

The first photo of every specialty is automatically picked up as the profile pic, so keep messing around with it till you are super proud of your portfolio. Once your done, Click that Share button and let the world know how awesome your photography is.

Videos :

This is another big area where we have improved the Flatpebble portfolio. You can now import unlimited Youtube videos directly from your profile. Add videos to your photography profile, dont bother creating another one for Videography are we are planning to merge the specialties.

Vimeo integration is on the way, but slower because the API's are not mature enough.

Of course you can Drag / drop to rearrange your Video's as well.Go, on Mess around and Share that pretty portfolio ! You DESERVE ALL THE PRAISE & LOVE :)




Your portfolio just got upgraded to 'MindBlowing"