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Customer reviews are something that can impact one's decision to a large extent . This is solely because it gives you a whole new perspective about the person who is going to shoot the wedding for you. You know what to expect and be sure of whom you pick. introduced the reviews and ratings feature after doing a survey with many of our customers. Clearly a friend's opinion or someone who has used the service gives a whole new level of confidence. The fear of getting into something unknown and vague is cleared off when people tell you that he/she is trustworthy. 

Hence clearly this is a key ask from all the customers we have on . The reviews on will give you the event details and what kind of service was provided by the photographer. Also, the reviews give you another angle of looking at the photographer excluding his portfolio and experience in the field.

Its important to be comfortable with the guy who is going to shoot the once in a life time memory for you... so you definitely don't want it messed up. Here's a list of photographers who have been most reviewed by their customers and which would raise the bar of confidence for you, on the photographer and the system as well.

  • Salim Khan - 7 Reviews​ 

​​27 year old Salim Khan is an Investment Banker by profession and photographer by passion. He's been doing photography for the last 3 years now . In his words "Two years ago when I held the camera for the first time, I had never thought that in such a short span of time, I would get a chance to create memories for the couples in love." Your once in a life time event is definitely worth being captured in the best way and Salim's work will surely make you feel every moment captured by him and re-live it.

He made sure that we were comfortable at the wedding, he was quite, didn't stop any proceedings and went on clicking till the end of the event, that is one hallmark of his dedication, he will never say, my services will be for so many hours only. He always maintained that he will cover our entire event, no matter how long it is and he did the same. - Valentine D' Souza

                                                      Click here to View Salim Khan's Wedding Photography portfolio

  • Sourav Kumar Das - 7 Reviews - 1 Confirmed Booking 

Sourav has been doing profession wedding photography since 2009. Engineer by profession and photographer by heart is what he would call himself. Reading his reviews will clearly tell you the level of satisfaction that his customers have with his work. Its not only the bride and groom that are happy , but also the guests, close friends and family who think that they look fabulous in the pictures that Sourav clicks.

Each and every picture has its own beauty and essence, as if they speak for themselves.. :) Whenever we see the pictures we 'Relive' the day. - Paromita Roy

                                           Click here to View Sourav Kumar Das's wedding portfolio and Reviews

  • Priyanka Dev - 7 Reviews - 2 Confirmed Bookings

Priyanka's images immortalize those moments of genuine love and evoke emotions in the viewer. They help hold on to those joys and those memories forever. She hopes to one day help you create some of those everlasting memories . A friendly approach and complete professionalism is what makes Priyanka an amazing photographer among her customers.

Priyanka was an absolute delight to work with - she was really quick and helpful on email while we were planning everything, was a true professional at the event and provided the finished photos very quickly after the event. - Roisin


                                                     Click here to Priyanka Dev's reviews and her portfolio

  • Pravin Pruno -  6 Reviews - 1 Confirmed Booking

Your photographer from down south, Pravin and his team - Light action photography, have the experience that can assure you quality like no one else. Delivering high quality in promised time is what makes them reliable and loved by every customer of theirs.

We're blown away by all of the photos , there isn't a single image we dont like- in fact we couldn't pick a favorite if we tried:)You've managed to seal every emotions in a visual image that depicts our memories that we will love n cherish for a lifetym. - Leena


                                   Click here to View Pravin's reviews and wedding photography portfolio

  • Candid Affair/Aditya Bhadra - 6 Reviews

Candid affair are a group of talented and dedicated professionals who quit their high paying jobs as engineers, bankers and artists to follow their passion. Friendly approach, professionalism and promised delivery on time - their customers will surely vouch for that one.

Go on and have a Candid Affair with them :)

 All of them are great photographers and were very friendly and patient with us. Got the pictures within a week and they came out beautiful! - Shreya

                                         Click here to view Reviews and wedding portfolio of Candid Affair 

  • Nikhil Sood - 4 Reviews - 5 Confirmed Bookings

Nikhil is our multi talented photographer who can give you a professional output in any field of photography that his customer needs. He brings the pictures to life and its more than just mere pictures to him. If Nikhil shoots for you, you will leave a satisfied customer when he finished the job for you

He makes you look the best of the bests you ever had seen in you, even on the your bad days. He can see through the best angles which a camera would love, sometimes I wonder, his brain is a camera and his eyes are the lenses!!​ - Mrinal

                                                   Click here to View Nikhil's reviews and his portfolios

  • Gaurav Gupta - 4 reviews

Gaurav is an MBA grad turned professional photographer. He and his team are not just people with high-end cameras but story tellers, who will tell your story in the most special way . Gaurav is someone who values the faith and trust of his customers and works hard to deliver the best quality and lives upto high expectations.

 They came with lots of great and creative ideas, which made us feel very relaxed on our big day. We knew we were in capable hands. Not only were Gaurav and his team fun to work with, by the end of our celebrations, they were practically a part of the family! - Varun

                                           Click here to View Gaurav Gupta's Reviews and Wedding Photography portfolio

  • Namit Narlawar - 4 reviews

Through his photographs, Namit aims to capture the spirit and personality of his subjects. He believes that photography is not just about presentations, but about the expressions. Namit strives to give you an insight into the soul of the person through his pictures.

 He captured everything in its natural environment and every one of the pictures were so unique. Even for some guests who are not used to being photographed, he made them feel right at ease. He was everywhere on the day capturing every moment yet without being too intrusive. - Abhinav

                                                  Click here to View Namit's reviews and wedding photography portfolio

  • Soumen Nath - 4 reviews  

In Soumen's words “I don’t just shoot photographs, I capture those fleeting moments and serve you in a platter, which would otherwise be lost for ever” . He delivers the kind of results that would get you addicted to his work and you will want him to shoot every special occasion of yours.

In fact after the wedding, the few snapshots you were sending were too alluring & the wait for the final results was becoming too testing. You are also aware that with the results of the wedding photos, my friend used your services for her newly born son… - Neeru

                                               Click here to View Soumen's reviews and wedding photography portfolio

  • Animesh Ray - 3 Reviews - 12 Confirmed Bookings

On, Animesh has had a record breaking customer conversions - 9 Conversions in 4 months. That says all about him. Accommodative, easy to work with and above all super quality work without eating into your pockets. What more can you ask for?

After hunting online for about a week,on one auspicious day we came across this guy's profile on and approached him for his quote.Trust me,right from his quote he kept surprising us.His work is phenomenal.He gives his 100% to the assignment he takes it up.His output was way above our expectation.  - Arpita

                                       Click here to view Animesh's reviews and Wedding photography portfolio

  • Sagar Vohra - 2 reviews - 7 Confirmed Bookings

​Sagar Vohra aka Shotzzz photography has been in existence since 2008 and are skilled in various areas of photography. Be it wedding, product shoot or food photography ,Sagar vohra can give you a great quality output and  his experience will surely speak volumes in the kind of work he does.

It was a great experience with Sagar. He is a very talented photographer. His work is awesome.                                                                                                                                                                                             - Upasana

                                     Click here to View Sagar's reviews and Wedding photography portfolio

  • Gregory Kauffman - 2 Reviews

​​Gregory is our 1st international photographer who is a traveller and has captured many Indian weddings across the nation. Gregory describes himself as a “memory maker” because for him, immortalized memories are what photography is all about!​ His willingness to learn and explore every culture makes him an awesome person to work with and you can be assured of high quality deliverables.

 You would never know from which corner of the location Greg captures the photo! He would be every where & very talented to capture all the moments(happy, emotional). - Nitin

                                 Click here to View Gregory Kauffman's reviews and Wedding photography portfolio

  • Ananya Rijhwani - 2 reviews - 1 Confirmed Booking

​​With Ananya shooting your wedding, its going to be more like your own friend doing it for you . She will get you to be most comfortable on your wedding day and the resultant pictures are ofcourse ,needless to say, awesome.

She will not be doing the work as a wedding photographer, She will be another friend clicking your wedding. Her grace, her smile and her bubbly nature is what makes her work more beautiful.  - Piyush

                                             Click here to View Ananya's reviews and wedding photography portfolio

  • Sutra Snapperz - 2 Reviews - 1 Confirmed Booking

Capturing your best day in the best way is what they love doing. Think Candid. Think Sutra Snapperz. Invest time in understand what they do and you will surely find them worth it ,for they do a brilliant job at candid photography.

While candid photography is increasingly becoming a norm at Indian weddings but what "sutra snapperz" go on to prove is, you don't have to to break a bank (read 6 figure fee) to capture your dream wedding or compromise on quality. You just need to invest some time in finding the right bunch of photography fanatics. - Ashwini

                                   Click here to View Reviews and wedding photography portfolio of Sutra Snapperz

  • Anshumaan Singh - 2 reviews - 6 confirmed Bookings

Anshumaan puts life into the images of a simple event, be it a wedding anniversary or a birthday party, Anshumaan delivers well composed pictures. Simplicity of people and real emotions are what he captures best. Always open to learning new things and receptive to feedback is what makes it awesome to work with him.

                                          Click here to View Anshumaan's reviews and portfolio

  • Manie Bhatia - 2 Reviews - 1 Confirmed Booking

Kachakk captures the moments of people's lives that gives them the opportunity to re-live the moment again. They believe that a beautifully composed photograph can make each & every moment equally special, & that differentiates it from just a snapshot. 

You captured the essence of our wedding and whenever v see the photographs it takes us back in time as if it were our wedding day again - Shilpi

                                          Click here to View Manie Bhatia's wedding photography portfolio

  • Aviral Mediratta - 2 Reviews

Aviral and his team excel in creating candid shots of wedding moments that happen once in a life time. They also tend to provide various other services and completely equipped for any kind of demand from their customers.

I don't just think he is doing this to earn bread for himself but the passion is very well depicted from his approach. I wish him all the best and definitely recommend any one to go for his service. More than a client you become his friend. - Yuvastyle Retail

                                              Click here to View Aviral's reviews and wedding photography portfolio

  • Naresh Munigala - 1 Review - 2 confirmed Bookings

Naresh Munigala is a freelance photographer from Mumbai who clearly understands the customer needs and what exactly they expect. A very simple and humble person, Naresh uses his talent in photography to seal moments of people and not treat it just like a service.

He understood my needs very clearly and planned the photo shoot accordingly. Excellent at capturing memorable candid moments. Me and my family loved his work. Charges are reasonable and more importantly he is a talented guy. - Susheel

                                          Click here to view Naresh's reviews and Wedding portfolio

  • Deepti Shabnani - 2 Reviews - 2 Confirmed Bookings

Deepti loves to capture the time when 2 souls become one and is proud of that she makes the couples re-live that special moment for the rest of their lives through her photographs. Passion drove her into taking up wedding photography as a profession and  strives to justify every bit of investment that her customers make.

Deepti is a hardworking, dedicated and talented photographer. I must admit that she has got the artistic eye and produces amazing clicks. I have seen her work and it deserves the appreciation. She is Jovial and very friendly in nature and thus makes the bride very comfortable during the photoshoot. - Bhushan

                                     Click here to View Deepti's reviews and wedding photography portfolio

  • Madhavi Kuram - 1 Review - 2 Confirmed booking

Madhavi believes in an unobtrusive approach and ensures that the output she gives you is the best. She has the skill and experience that will surely instill trust in a customer about the nature of result they are going to receive.

She just blended in with everyone and all the hustle bustle. She instantly connected with us and made us feel very comfortable. Full marks to her for her professionalism, enthusiasm, patience and warmth. She managed to capture some really beautiful, funny, cute expressions and moments which would have been badly missed had it not been for her. - Priya


                                             Click here to View Madhavi Kuram's Wedding photography portfolio



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