Why Hire A Wedding Photojournalist & Not Just A Wedding Photographer

Yes, it’s about “Your Wedding Photographer”!!!  One of the most significant people you will hire while planning a wedding.  Why, because never in life you would want to lose sight of even the tiniest of real time details of your wedding day.  That’s exactly why you need a wedding photojournalist & not a traditional wedding photographer.  And the question is – how do you go about choosing one? 

Let’s take a look at how it happens in most cases.  Many of us pick a photographer just because a close friend, a relative or the vendors/venues suggested the name.  Others do a research, meet a few & choose the one whose work appeals the most.  But I would rather propose a different view of this.  Instead of choosing a wedding photographer, why not go for a wedding photojournalist!!!!  Now you must be thinking, “Both terms sound the same, so what’s the difference here?”

You will come across many terms used by photographers that define their style, for example, photojournalism, candid, documentary, traditional & so on.  But forget all this…let’s make things easier.  There are those photographers – the traditional ones - who focus on shooting posed pictures, so every scene is staged with no natural flavors.  On the other hand there are photojournalists, who focus on creating a relaxed environment where people feel at ease, hence, they are able to capture those real moments as they happen.  And the result is a photo book full of images that tell the real story of your wedding day & not show the artificial emotions dictated on you.

You will meet many traditional wedding photographers who – maybe in an attempt to shield their business - try to scare people by telling all sorts of absurd stuff about the photojournalists.  Like, the photojournalists won’t be able to capture good wedding portraits, they won’t use flash, they take shaken/grainy pictures, they don’t edit/alter images & the result is messy & cluttered images & anyone who has a camera can be a wedding photojournalist as it doesn’t require a special skill.  And here’s what I have to say in response to those myths.

The truth is, wedding photojournalists do take portraits or posed pictures as there are many other creative ways to capture those than one.  They focus on capturing moments as they happen, but using their own creativity to take portraits during that process is also a part of capturing that spontaneity.  And by looking at their portraits you will understand how creative & natural they look….just the style is different.  The way they capture portraits goes in accordance with the other pictures they take of that day so the flow doesn’t break.  They have the ability to become more creative when it comes to formal photos, however, there’s always more to that than always yelling ‘Say Cheese!’

Many great wedding photojournalists in the world use flash in a very creative way.  They make sure not to interrupt the flow of the moment.  They are able to control the intensity of the flash; hence, natural looking pictures where people don’t look bothered by the harsh flash lights.

Blurred pictures sometimes are able to express the story as it unfolds.  The idea is not to freeze the shot so the natural flow of the moment is preserved.  Majority of the photojournalistic images are sharp because there are wonderful, skilled wedding photojournalists to do this job; grainy/blurry images are captured intentionally in a careful manner so they don’t look messy.  It is not a technical shortcoming.

And, last but a very important point is that just because many photographers these days are trying to emulate wedding photojournalists’ documentary approach, this, in no sense, makes them true wedding photojournalists.  Taking candid shots & photojournalism are two different things.  Wedding photojournalists don’t enter a room & start to capture images mindlessly in hope to get some that look natural.  Instead, they are able to apply professional skills & creativity to tell the real story of a wedding. 

So, the final word from me on this would be to trust your eyes while choosing a wedding photojournalist. Communicate with them openly, share your doubts, look at their work, and look for those who are able to tell your wedding day story from the beginning to the end.  They should have mastered the art. 

And, yes, true Wedding Photojournalists do exist; what it needs is your receptivity to find one!!! 

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shashi kant
5 years ago
great article but, I believe the mixture of both, photojournalist as well as traditional photography makes a complete wedding photography package....
5 years ago
Thanks Shashi.  I feel it's all about one's choice.  Some people like to mix the styles while others like to go with one particular style that caters to their taste better.
5 years ago
Nice article, Manoo. And I too agree with Shashi Kant that a mixture of both the world will do a lot of good (for the photographers and the customer).

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us. :-)
Anshul Sukhwal
Candid Wedding Photography in Udaipur
2 years ago
Thanks for Sharing Great Article, Manoo. I totally agree with this sentence "wedding photojournalists do take portraits or posed pictures as there are many other creative ways to capture those than one." We people have lots of creativity behind the lens. :D
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Why Hire A Wedding Photojournalist & Not Just A Wedding Photographer