Community Guidelines - Photographers for using

Get the most out of your Flatpebble experience. The Do's and Dont's and more importantly, how you can do what's right for your customer.

Community Guidelines for Photographers


1) Ensure your portfolio is up to date and showcase the best work that you have done till date.

2) If you work across categories, like Product photography or architecture photography, ensure your portfolio carries samples of your work in those spaces as well.

3) Remember, all your pricing is per day (Just shooting time price only). Product updates will soon ensure you'll be able to choose this.

4) Update your profile Pic. People like to interact with faces they can see. It takes a minute and can be completed from the My profile section.

5) Ensure your quotes are as complete as they can be. Many customers are looking for a range of services including Candid's, event photography, and Videography / Cinematography. If you have tie up's in all these areas, you will see more successful responses. However if you are that lone wolf focussed only on Candid's, do make that clear in the quote.

6) We do let you share your contact details with customers, use the private communication space / quote to share this info for now. You will soon not have to type this repeatedly.

7) You can also use to buffer up your teams temporarily. Running short of a candid photographer, Videographer or Event photographer, just post your query and you'll have someone from the community fill up your need in a jiffy. This could also be the start of a great friendship.

8) Refer a friend if the stated budget is below your rate. 

9) Update Video links, if any, must have for Videographers. We are accepting Youtube links only for now.



1) The public commenting section is meant to communicate generic questions, like timings and specifics, that every one who is applying to the job can benefit from. Do not post contact details etc, which you can do in the private section. You will just be losing respect in the larger community and with your customer. (not worth it!)

2)  Don't offer advise on a customer's budget. Please respect the customer's right to spend.

3) Dont paste links to your website, where it says Video links. You can redirect traffic to your professional spaces through the information on the quote, dont use the video's section for this. (We validate this).

3) Send quote's with 0, or a low value. 98% of all quotes received by customers till date have a valid quote price. The price is a key element in the decision making process.



-Happy Connecting. Team!




Community Guidelines - Photographers for using