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Every photograph is a magical trip to the cherished moments of one’s life and we at flatpebble want to help assure you that your joyous moments are captured by the best and the well experienced. Here’s a list of the most reviewed photographers on our website which will help you:

Raghu is a different photographer! You ask why? It’s because of the way he looks at his passion. People, on a general basis see Wedding Photography as a service. But Raghu and his team believe that wedding photography is beyond that. They believe that it is an art, something that one can only master with experience, knowledge and a hint of personalization (the artistic touch)! He is also an International Award winner for the best candid photography in 2013.

 We were impressed a lot with Raghu and his team for their awesome way of working. We instantly felt comfortable with them, which is really important for the day when you're trying to look your best and want them to capture the best shots. He was extremely professional and hardworking and took some fantastic photos. He is so flexible in covering what we really wanted. We are really gonna recommend him as a best wedding photographer to anyone :) - Sukanya Mani                                                                                                                                      

     Ayushmann is a biotech engineer by qualification and a self-taught photographer. He is very enthusiastic and passionate about photography and has been reviewed to be very professional and pleasant at what he does.

In one word - "awesome". We were fully satisfied by the shoot done by Anshumaan. The shoot came out to be better than what we even hoped for. He is very friendly, so it’s easy to work with him. Very co-operative as well, as he didn't put in any "ifs and buts" as many other photographers do. He's a very simple, direct and no-frills guy. But don't let that make you think that his work is anything less than professional. I would highly recommend him.   -Sumit Saluja


            Radhika is a photographer committed to capture all the intricate aspects of the moments. She believes in making her photos look more real and using as less editing as possible.

Radhika is wonderful photographer. Her work is special, amazing and different. She fulfilled all our expectations. Minimum posing, creativity, friendly approach are some of the special features of hiring such an extraordinary wedding photographer. She photographed real connection between couples so after shoot is over she don't give only photograph but everlasting sweet memories  -                                                                                                                                                               Kavita Patel


 Umesh is a Mumbai based photographer who has won many awards and competitions. He has been reviewed to be very friendly, easy to reach and understanding when it comes to customer requirements.


Choosing a right photographer was a big task for me as I wanted beautiful photos to be taken on my wedding. I had shortlisted 2-3 photographer after looking at their past work. Finally all communication went smooth with Umesh and I liked the work so went ahead with him and I am happy for my choice. I got great photos beyond my expectations and has recommended him for one of my other friend as well. I got all my wedding photos and album delivered to me in 20 days which was reasonable time to process it. - Manoj Chavan

                    Candid Affair is a Kolkata based photographers’ team that, as the name suggests, believes in capturing moments as they are, without distorting the beauty of each moment, at the same time, also catering to customers’ needs regarding Traditional wedding photography!

After a lot of searching on the net we finally decided to go with candid affair for our wedding and it was the best decision. We loved their portfolio and our pics turned out to be really beautiful and what's even better is that they captured so many special moments that we will cherish forever..not once were we asked to pose for a photograph...they are truly candid! Thanx Candid Affair for a lifetime of memories -Priyanka Sharma


  Gaurav Gupta is an MBA graduate who has taken up photography out of his passion for it. To quote Gaurav Gupta & Team, “We are not just people with very expensive gears. We are storytellers who capture fun,

emotions, moments, and drama that unfolds on your big day. Doing a bloody good job is our passion...”

Gaurav is an amazing photographer.He captures the most beautiful moments of your life in the most beautiful way. After seeing his work we were convinced that we had to call him to hyderabad to cover our wedding.Looking back on how awesome the photos came out, it was one of the best decisions we made. He made us feel at ease all through the wedding. The wedding day passes by in the blink of an eye but all these amazingly captured pictures have an affect of taking us back in time to live each moment over and over again. If you are looking for pictures that capture the essence of the moment u should have Gaurav as your photographer.” -Kubaisha Baig

         Salim Khan is a 27 year old investment banker turned photographer. He has been reviewed to be very dedicated and passionate about his work and also very friendly and easy to approach!

Planning a wedding is a tedious task, especially when it is your brother's wedding, you want everything to be perfect to the tee. All the necessities need to be taken care off, and you would want something special in everything. Which is what brings me to Salim Khan Photography. When Salim approached my brother for a review, I too wanted to write a review for him, as I was the one who hired him for his wedding, also because it was one of the best decisions I made for his wedding. By the time wedding date neared, Salim had turned himself into friends with our entire family, and the way he did that was just so easy. Couldn't have asked for more I am very happy and satisfied with the services Salim Khan provided to us, and I am very sure he will be my photographer for my wedding too.”-Vishal Rathod

            Priyanka has been reviewed to be very professional in her approach and very passionate about photography. She has undertaken many baby photoshoot assignments and has been highly praised for the same. It is not an easy task as it requires a high level of concentration and talent to capture the innocence in the baby’s expressions.

I had the pleasure of using Priyanka Dev as a photographer for my newborn daughter's first photoshoot. She was warm, professional and spent extra time and attention making sure our photos were just right. I would recommend her services highly to anyone -Lynn Crawford


 Sourav Kumar Das is an engineer by profession and a photographer by heart. He has been a professional photographer since 2009 and has been reviewed to be a soulful photographer who captures the beauty and essence of every expression brilliantly.

 It was wonderful to have them over. All a bride ever wants from her wedding photographer is to freeze her precious moments and Sourav has done a brilliant job making it come true. All the moments were so beautifully captured and frozen that they'll remain preserved forever. Each time I look at one of the photos from my wedding album, I'm able to re-live it. His technique and timing have an unparalleled chemistry. I would recommend Sourav to all my close friends and family.  -Taniya Jindal

                                   Eureka and team have worked for the film industry and Eureka himself has worked as an ad film maker, which only adds to his credentials in photography. He and his team focus on providing the customer aesthetic excellence and a great experience. He has been reviewed to be a pleasure to work with.

Eureka with his unusual name was the most popular person in our whole wedding after us couple or may be more popular even. We could hear his name all around us to get the pics clicked and he was more than happy to oblige. He was thoroughly professional and stayed through all the functions. He was able to show us part of our weddings through his lens which even we were unaware of when they were held. I will definitely recommend him to other  -Aman Gupta

                     Animesh is a very observant photographer who believes in the natural beauty in the emotions and moments and not in putting too much effort in unnaturally beautifying pictures. He captures moments as they are without diluting the beauty and emotions involved in each expression. He has been reviewed to be a photographer who is very calm and makes choices after lot of deliberation and tries to avoid clichés.

Animesh has been the creative genius behind all the photographs on my fashion blog. He has been photographing for me for almost 2 years now, and I must say he's an absolute peach of a photographer. Whether it is the middle of the night, or the crack of dawn he's always ready with his camera. He's really focused on his work, and takes it extremely seriously. After the shoot is over, he spends hours on editing the images. He's truly a perfectionist! Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed at all. -Deepa​

Nikhil Sood and team specialize in Candid Wedding Photography and travel across the country for the same. He and his team have been reviewed to be very talented and consistent. He and his team emphasize on capturing the vibrant colors perfectly. They’ve also been reviewed to have a tremendous eye for detail and emotions.

I have been following Nikhil Sood's photography since April 2010. His talent, consistency, and color vibrancy makes him an obvious pick for your or any of your acquaintance's wedding. Nikhil is always prompt with his responses, helps people work within their budget and facilitated the whole process smoothly. And after all was said and done, you will be all assured to get your photos within 3 weeks to relive your lifetime memory!! I've heard of friends waiting even up to 6 months to get theirs, so his services are always the one to go for. Kudos to him for his hard work, dedication and making people smile even more after their D-day.”​ Raja Majumder

                           Nagendra Mayya and team believe in capturing the spontaneity of each moment. They have been reviewed to be very flexible, patient, friendly and quick with their timing of deliverables.

Absolutely beautiful work. We are unbelievable happy with how it turned out. Our friends and family love the photos. Thank you Nagendra. We are looking forward to having you capture more of our family milestones! -Suparna Supkar

  Bhushan is a passionate photographer who does not believe in superficiality and believes in true passion and dedication. He has been reviewed to be very creative and to have good quality and worth the amount paid

We had a great experience about Photography......! The value and the quality of the pictures was fantastic.....! We highly recommend this great team”   -Ronee

                        Kushal is a very creative and fresh candid photographer. His background of graphic designing only helps him get better at what he does. He has been reviewed to be very efficient, professional and friendly.

Our experience regarding Kushal in our wedding photography was amazing and very creative. The best part was the album design and value for money. We wish him good luck and have already referred him to couple of places more :)”

             -Divya Tiwari



                               Saulat and his team focus on documenting and capturing the fine details and act as designers and story tellers of their photography assignments. They mix simplicity and a modern outlook to provide their customers with gorgeous and breathtaking images. Their style and perspective is what makes their work unique. Along with their photojournalistic approach, they also bring a creative eye in capturing all the emotions and expressions.

Finding the right photographer is the most critical and painstaking part of wedding planning. Saulat is someone who does justice to each and every frame that he captures, and takes all the possible efforts to make it impeccable. The stand out factor being he gels very well with one and all… …He would truly bring out the star in you on your special day. Thanks Saulat for the beautiful memories you gave us to cherish for a lifetime :)  -Tejal















Top Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai etc - Most Reviewed by customers