Maharashtrian Weddings : Photography, Rituals, Customs and more

Here's a small write up on the key aspects of Maharashtraian weddings, small details on the rituals and most importantly,what are the moments to be captured.

Weddings  is a ceremony where people are united in marriage. Wedding is not just  about ceremony, customs and traditions that are to be followed (most of which people don’t understand) ,but also an event that marks that you will have a partner for life , be it good or bad.

We live in India, with a cross cultural crowd which is definitely a land of million traditions. It would be fun to know all of them and what each ceremony signifies, but obviously, we’re more interested in the good food and the fun part of it.

Maharashtrian weddings are one of the most simplest and the least sumptuous in the country.

                                                                               Photo Credits - Shashank Mhasawade

The Marathi wedding rituals are performed with a lot of vivacity and enthusiasm. Maharashtrian Weddings are performed in proper traditional way and all the rituals are performed by a priest. Hence, these comprise of the typical Hindu wedding rituals. Each stage in the wedding ritual in Maharashtra has some imperative significance and it is more of a homely affair than a overexcited show. Unlike the other wedding rituals in India, the Maharashtrian Wedding rituals are carried out in day time, mostly in the afternoon. It is rather the marriage that is celebrated in simplest way. It is less lavish than the other marriages in India. 

Wedding photography in a Maharashtrian wedding is can be challenging in a way because  a photographer can choose to capture the simplicity of the ceremony and customs or he can choose to take candid wedding photos and and capture expressions of people, the bride and groom, and the simple purity of the relationship that people in the wedding have.

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                                                                      Photo Credits - Abhilasha Udaygeeth

Wedding photography in Mumbai or for a Maharashtrian wedding can include a lot of events since there are many rituals performed before the wedding which is usually not known to many people and remains a private affair. Candid wedding photographers can look out for these tiny ceremonies and capture them as well which would give them many shots expressing the fun, frolic, emotions and importance involved in those ceremonies.

                                                                      Photo Credits - Paromita Deb Areng

Maharashtrian wedding involves a lot of pre-wedding rituals and also a lot of ceremonies that are to be performed during the auspicious day. Every marriage in India has the common custom of “Kanyadhan” where the bride is given away officially. This is the ceremony where bride`s father legitimately gives the bride away to the groom. The priest asks the groom to join both the palms and receive in it stream of holy water poured by bride`s mother while bride`s father says that he is giving away in marriage his daughter to this gentleman so that both of them can start together a life of Dharma, Artha and Kama.

                                                                                     Photo Credits - Naresh Munigala

After all this tiring ceremony, there’s obviously a huge reception which is the official wedding photography session that happens and a completely ceremony free time. So all you have to do is say cheese. The wedding is done and the girl is welcomed into the new home and hopes to live happily ever after.



Maharashtrian Weddings : Photography, Rituals, Customs and more