Candid Wedding Photography - A few tips/tricks that can make your pictures look better

Everyone talks about "candid" pictures these days and this has become the cliched word today. Here's a brief write up on what exactly is "Candid photography" and a few tips to use while you click pictures so that it can be called "Candid".

I think all of us use this word “candid” for every picture the minute we like it. Weather you know the meaning or not , you call every nice picture a candid one. It technically has become a cliché term and any and everyone uses it. How do you know what is candid? And what exactly is a candid picture? In today’s scenario, a photographer just has to call himself a “candid photographer” and his value goes up automatically even without actually knowing how good he is.

So, we all have those pictures which we don’t like and we wouldn’t want to share it with people, or in short, you wouldn’t put it up on facebook. As simple as that. Right? Many get-togethers, parties, family gatherings, sleepovers at your friends place involve so many crazy pictures which are not put up on “facebook”. Why? Because you are not posing in them , or smiling at the camera or your hair is not fine or whatever it may be. So these pictures are basically candid.                                                                           Photo Credits - Animesh Ray

Going into the technical detail of it, Candid photography is essentially taking pictures of people when they are acting naturally, and usually, without their knowledge .T he definition of the word ‘candid’ is generally considered to be ‘free from reservation’, and ‘impartial’, ‘un-posed’, and ‘informal’. Candid photography are slices of time, moments that are captured which are not posed for, that is, photos for which there is no reservation. Candid photographs usually tell the story behind the scenes, basically, when people are not going ‘cheese’.  Candid photography tells a story, and it can be a very challenging to tell a story of a stranger, and its exactly this that candid photography seeks to establish.

Tips to improve candid photography (i.e, PLEASE don’t be sneaky)

1. Have your camera with you at ALL times.

Having your camera with you at all times is the best thing you can do, as you will be forever ready to shoot. Also, if you have your camera with you at all times, people will be comfortable and at ease with you clicking their picture. Trust me you don’t want to feel “Damn I should have gotten my camera along.”

2.  Keep a fair distance

Keeping a fair distance is essential to candid photography, as if you come across as sneaky or creepy, and if you don’t, it may not be candid after all.

                                                                            Photo Credits - Digital Stories

3. NO flash

One of the best ways to kill a candid moment is to use flash, and cause that blinding light to let people know you’re there, or to cause them to shut their eyes, or to react in ways they usually wouldn’t. KILL THE FLASH.

4. Click multiple images

Its essential to click multiple images in order to get that perfect shot, as you never know what you may have missed unless you review the continuous bursts of photographs.

                                                                                  Photo Credits - Sagar Vohra

5.  Position yourself

Whenever you decide to click candid pictures at a certain event, know a basic idea of how it is going to unfold, how the light is going to be, helping you strategically place yourselves wherever you can get the best photographs.

6. Timing
Active people are always better than passive people. As said before, a group of people in action are always better telling stories, and it helps in capturing beautiful moments. Timing is everything.

                                                                             Photo Credits - Deepashree S

7.Click relationships.

Look around and check out the people having fun in small groups or two people. Be unobtrusive and you could succeed in capturing their expressions which actually showcases the kind of relationship they have.

                                                                                        Photo Credits - Salim Khan

8. Try out Mad Angles.

People may get conscious the minute they realize you have a camera in hand and you’re trying to shoot them. Have a wide angle lens with you and place your camera as if your casually holding it, may be at your hip level . This way you will have a different angle and also the moment captured. Thanks to digital cameras, it does not cost you to click the same again if your shot goes wrong.

9. Have a foreground to your pictures.

You don’t have to choose the subject right in front of you as the focus. You could take pictures of people that are visible through the gaps of the crowd. This would make your picture more interesting and you might capture some crazy expressions.

                                                                                Photo Credits  - Anupam Dey

10.Click after they are done posing.

The moment after a posed picture or a group shot, there are a few seconds where everyone relaxes, look at each other, smile and make small talk. This is a great opportunity to capture a lot of moments in one go since they are all happening at one place.

So folks, you could keep a few of these points when you click next time and make your pictures more “Candid”. Happy Clicking :)


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Candid Wedding Photography - A few tips/tricks that can make your pictures look better