10 Facts to choose a Wedding Destination. Ensure to read through Point no 3,7 and 10

Destination weddings have now become a trend. Read through all that needs to be considered before you choose one for your special day!

Everyone dreams of getting married in one of the exotic wedding destinations in the world. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are choosing a destination. Ensure that you consider a bunch of things before shelling out your money on it.

  1. Communication is most important – The most important thing while deciding a venue is to make sure that you communicate effectively with your other half to make sure you have no disagreements later on, and you need to communicate to decide what kind of a wedding you want, a royal lavish venue or a beachside wedding etc.
  2. Type of ceremony – Whether you want a royal destination wedding, or a simple ceremony, or an intimate wedding at a lavish setting, it is crucial to decide  the type of ceremony you want before choosing an appropriate wedding venue                                                                    Photo Credits - Kishor Krishnamoorthi
  3. Decide on a budget – Before choosing a wedding venue, it is best to decide on a budget to splurge on the venue, as it will help to narrow down venues, and deciding on the number of people and the type of ceremony you want will help narrow down venues to the best of the lot.
  4. Guests – If there is a wedding, there will be a lot of guests who might have to travel to the venue, increasing your expenses as you may have to pay for transportation and hotel costs. Therefore, it is best to decide a venue close to where your guests in order to avoid extra costs.                                                                                         Photo Credits - Fotographia 9
  5. Number of people attending the wedding  -   It is essential to prepare a guest list before you start to look for a venue as a guest list will give you a rough idea as to how big a place you need, and how much you would need to shell out in order to bag the perfect wedding venue.
  6. Your wedding date - If you’ve decided on a date for your wedding and it’s set in stone, check the availability of that date before you visit.  If you’re flexible about the day of the week, month, season, or even the year of your wedding you’ll have a much wider choice of venues.
  7. Get expert advice - Wedding websites such as this one are useful because they have details of a wide range of wedding venues at your fingertips. Also you can check for a lot of wedding photographers who have shot in exotic wedding destinations and select one among them.  If you’d like some assistance searching for a venue, a wedding venue finding service can help; tell them your requirements and they will search for a venue to suit you from their extensive list of wedding venues – many of which will be privately-owned.  Wedding planners can also help you choose a wedding venue as they have experience of weddings at different venues.                                                                               Photo Credits - Saulat Zuberi
  8. Off season wedding – Hotels and banquet halls generally charge higher rates during the peak season, which is why an off season wedding is ideal for couples who do not have a lot to splurge on their wedding venue.
  9. How about a nontraditional venue? – Non traditional venues are now soon becoming the norm. Make sure you check out every place for a cost efficient and perfect venue. Always try to liaise with the manager of the venue. Don’t be afraid to haggle.
  10. Be sure – Get an itemized quote for the reception to make sure there will be no extra costs later on. This helps in trimming unnecessary cost.                                                                     Photo Credits - Amar Ramesh



10 Facts to choose a Wedding Destination. Ensure to read through Point no 3,7 and 10