5 Tips to Photo Nirvana!!

Its your big day and pictures are the only memory you'll have with you for life. You may have wanted to ask your photographer tons of things. From now on, if not all ensure you ask a few questions such as the one stated below.

Every big day requires someone to capture the events, and a wedding definitely requires a photographer who is top notch. In addition to help your photographer nail those moments, it also helps to make sure that you ask your photographer the right questions to make sure you get the kind of photographs you want by understanding the style of the photographer and make sure you can afford it and that you do not get any shocks later on. Here are the few questions that you must ask your wedding photographer before you make a decision 

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Ask for his/her portfolio - It is obvious that you should check someone’s work out before you hire them, but the common misconception is that if a photographer is established, he/she must have absolutely stunning pictures, which may not always be the case. Most upstanding photographers publish their portfolios online which will help narrow down the potential candidates and weed out the less desirable ones.

                                                                Photo Credits - Deepashree S

How they handle post processing – Interview photographers to make sure when you can see your prints and digital copies of processed photographs as each photographer’s post processing habits are different. Talk to your photographer to make sure how many copies and disks are a part of the deal to get a fair idea of how long you will have to wait before you see your prints.

                                                                                  Photo Credits - Katia Peshakova

How they would handle crisis – Any big event is bound to have a few problems, and a seasoned photographer would know how to handle equipment malfunction, weather issues, lighting issues, how to get someone to ease before the camera etc. Seasoned photographers would have dealt with this before, and would have real life examples to share.

                                                                   Photo Credits - Soumen Nath

Ask if they have a plan – A good photographer has a fair idea of his strengths and weaknesses and should have an idea as to how he plans to capture the moments. Having a talk with your photographer will help the photographer have a plan, and will help in focusing on those moments.

                                                                              Photo Credits - Avantika Meattle

Ask for your photographer’s credentials – Although it is not a requirement, it is better to choose a photographer who has professional affiliations and/or some sort of certification. If your photographer is active in certain acclaimed circles, it might be a good sign that your photographer is serious about his chosen career path and is fully invested in it, but at the same time, make sure it is the main photographer you want at your wedding and not a junior assistant, or someone inexperienced.

                                                              Photo Credits - Nikhil Sood



5 Tips to Photo Nirvana!!