The rise of Wedding Blogging

With everything going online and commercial, Wedding blogging has become a current trend, where the bride/groom pens down anything and everything happening in the process so that they can share it with friends, family. Keep everyone updated :)

Wedding blogging, in its true sense, refers to someone walking down the aisle in sometime, penning their ideas, what they’re doing, opinions, tips, which place is best for what and basically, to give their opinion on everything wedding related. And now, since there are innumerable wedding blogs, the competition has increased with everyone trying to put out quirky idea of how their wedding is to be unique.

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In today’s day and age where everything is now digitized and when the norm is to stand out from the crowd, brides are going to great lengths in order to have the wedding of their dreams and go to any lengths to fulfill their dreams and in the process, put a lot of quirky things in the wedding, and do anything that would make that wedding stand out among the sea of weddings that take place every day.

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A wedding happens to be the most memorable event of a girl’s life, and pictures aren’t enough to document them and capture the memories and the fleeting moments and that’s where a wedding blog comes into picture. A wedding blog is like the diary of the girl where she documents every aspect of her wedding, pre wedding, and post wedding, ideas, thoughts, and how things actually turned out, her experiences and tips. They not only help is serving as a record of her journey, but also helps so many other prospective couples hunting for ideas and looking for inspiration. There are wedding blogs out there for almost every kind of wedding and bride, and for everything else you could possibly think of!

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Wedding pictures are what everyone would be interested n looking at once your wedding is done. That's practically the only memory you'll have. Wedding photographers shoot candid images of emotional and happy moments of your wedding day. Moments with friends and family are all captured and everyone wants to see how they look on your wedding pictures. Hence one key aspect to keep in mind, is to hire the best wedding photographer for your big day and not compromise on this one.

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Of late, wedding blogs have become professional, as the big blogs often take the advice of experts and bring in the best in every field to give inputs as to how to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life. They respond to comments and queries of people about to tie the knot and offer the advantage that people will have access to these blogs anywhere and at any time. And now, wedding blogs are not only for brides to document their wedding and for other brides to take ideas from, but have also becomes platforms where different designers, photographers, cake-makers, caterers advertise in order to reach the right people and to make the process hassle free. This is a win – win, as the bigger the blog, the more impact the business has. On the other hand, it gives the couples an array of choices to choose from. There is also more pressure on photographers as they are asked to click pictures which are ‘blog-able’

And now, since everyone’s lives are on social media networks, doesn’t it make perfect sense for their wedding to be too? 


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The rise of Wedding Blogging