7 kinds of people you will find at Weddings

You find a mix of generations in all weddings. Here are a few standard kind of people whom you will not miss seeing at any wedding you attend. They bring out more expressions, more drama and wedding photographers love them :)

1. The aunt who thinks she is Cupid - She is the first one to ask when you're getting married, and is forever ready with possible matches for you, and will be ready with their horoscopes in a jiffy. She might even coax your parents in to thinking about getting you married even if they weren't in the first place.

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2. The click happy uncle - Every wedding has one uncle who is forever behind the camera, and truly believes that he is the best photographer in the whole world, and might even try to teach the photographer hired a couple of lessons!

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3. The ones with business always on their mind - In every wedding, you will find a couple of people who will always be talking about the economy, the country, the job scene, etc.

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4. Loves to dress up too much - As much as people love to dress up for a wedding, there will always be one girl who will take more time to dress up than anyone else, and might even be mistaken for the bride, and might just wore the saree that Deepika Padukone wore in her last movie, and just wants to flaunt her designer wear.

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5. Kids - The 2 feet monsters who will pull at your clothes till you listen to them, make you trip, or spill something on your clothes, or play pranks on you and leave you looking like a joker. Yes, everyone has been there.

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6. The forever in tears aunt - Well, this aunt needs no introduction. She will cry at the drop of a hat at even the slightly nostalgic or emotional moments, necessary or unnecessary.

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7. The glutton - We all love the food we get at weddings, but there are a few people who attend the wedding just to eat, and you will find them holding a point from the start to end, and his plate might be heaped with everything edible even before everyone else gets their hands on the food.



7 kinds of people you will find at Weddings