How can you shoot Indian weddings better? Read on for a few simple tips!

Hindu weddings are something that is pretty challenging for a photographer due to the nature of ceremonies and number of events that it involves. Plan and keep a few things in mind to deliver the best for your customers.

Indian weddings usually have the maximum amount of color, traditions, customs, ceremonies, emotions and has every component a photographer needs, except that it is also one of the most challenging, given the sheer numbers and how difficult it is to capture the right moments.

  1. Before photographing, it is best to have a certain idea in mind as to how to go about and must be sure of what his objective is. It is also an added advantage to read up on the traditions of the wedding you’re photographing, as there are major changes in the customs of each Hindu wedding and usually, no two weddings are the same and usually have an element that makes it stand out.

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  2. Meet the couple in advance so that they feel comfortable around you. Hindu weddings go on for a number of days and it will be hard to get candid photos if they are not comfortable with you. Ask them about what kind of photographs they would like. Also, bond with the family members so that they can give you a fair idea and try to capture candid family pictures as well.

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  3. Timing is essential. It is extremely difficult to get the right timing as there are so many things going on in an Indian wedding and it is essential to capture those fleeting moments. Plan and schedule a few minutes for your planned shots and make sure you capture them effectively and make sure you use them to the maximum extent, as not a lot of couples will be happy to pose after a hectic Indian wedding

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  4. In most Indian ritualistic weddings, the bride and groom have two different sets of ceremonies going on at the same time. Therefore, it is always better to have another photographer as it is impossible to be at both places at the same time and it will also be helpful as the other photographer can photograph the other events as well.

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  5. Always go the venue in advance to see how you can work with the light. Lighting plays a crucial role and bad lighting will ruin your images.     

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How can you shoot Indian weddings better? Read on for a few simple tips!