New Commission Rates Starting From 15th March 2017.
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25 Reviews with >3 star rating

Commission Rate

13 %

Package Price 24000
Advance paid by customer (30% of package price or full amount if price < Rs 10K) 7200
Commission paid to Flatpebble


GST (18%) on Commission


Payment Gateway charges ( ~ 2% ) on Advance amount


Payment to Service Provider by Flatpebble on event day


Total paid to Service Provider



Who can Review me? Any paying customer you have served, on Flatpebble or outside can review you.
What should be in the Review Reviews must be meaningful and relevant to the service and quality of service provided
Who decides to approve reviews All Reviews good or bad are approved by the Flatpebble review team
Will you remove bad reviews? No. We will not remove bad / negative reviews unless requested by the customer or a court order
How should I respond to a bad review? You can state professionally your point of view about the review. It must be civil and a relevant response. You can also seek positive reviews from other customers to improve your overall rating
How can I seek reviews? 1) Download the Flatpebble Partner (Blue) app to get reviews from all Flatpebble and non flatpebble customers you have served.
2) You can also seek reviews on the Web
3) Reach out to the Flatpebble customer service team via the app --> Help --> Chat live or through chat on the website for any help.
Why 15+ Reviews? 75% of all packages sold on Flatpebble, had Service providers with 15+ reviews. This is clear indication that customers are looking for reviews and it is a significant factor in their decision making process.