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Is it safe to transact on flatpebble.com ?
Flatpebble.com provide 100+ payment options for the customers to book a package and customer can enjoy interest free credit using their credit card. Your money is safe with flatpebble.com and will be transferred to the service provider’s account only after completion of the service. If the payment gets declined on given credit card number (s), the customer will be informed as soon as possible. In such case the customer may need to speak with his/her respective credit card company for rectification and/or provide alternate credit card number. Should there be any error on while booking a package;
The customer should report the same within 24 hours of the incident.
Customer Service Helpline: +91 7930256869
Customer Support Email: ask@flatpebble.com
How do I trust them ? How do I know they are genuine service providers?
We only invite pros who have a strong track record of service quality. We screen through a combination of media searches and reference checks. On flatpebble, Portfolios of service providers , Address and contact info are verified. Portfolio check ensures quality of professionals on the website. Identity verification also is being put into action.
Flatpebble's Liability?
Flatpebble.com does not accept any responsibility for third party services or service providers like photographers, tutors etc. For example, photographers are responsible for the quality of photos. Flatpebble.com is a services marketplace, helping customers to connect with suppliers. At no time shall Flatpebble.com be held responsible for your acts of misdemeanour/omission and your personal affairs. For example, Flatpebble.com shall not be held responsible for ensuring the safety of your personal belongings, equipment’s, etc. at any time before, during or after the completion of the service.
What if the Service provider does not show up?
In case of such an unfortunate event, flatpebble will try to arrange a back up on a best effort basis.Such an event has not occurred in the history of flatpebble's bookings. Touch wood :)
What are flatpebble's service costs for this?
For the lack of better words, Its Free! . There are absolutely no hidden costs, or additional charges that flatpebble.com charges you. What you see is what you pay, and what you see is what you get. You are not expected to pay anything additional either online or offline. Should there be any cases where you face any extra charges , do report the same to us.
What do you do to ensure I'm getting the best price and quality?
Professionals on flatpebble offer a competitive price based on budget, quality, and availability. Pros are required to offer the same price on Flatpebble as they do if you called them. If you find a lower price for the same service by the same service professional for the same date and geography on the day you place your order, let us know within 14 days and we'll match it. We'll verify the lower price and match it.

Terms and conditions:

  • You must have ordered pre-packaged services through Flatpebble
  • You find the same service by the same service professional for the same date and geography on the day listed at a lower price on another website or directly from the pro on the day of your purchase(we may require documentation from you).
  • You must submit a Price Match request within 14 days of your order date
  • Our Price Match policy does not apply to deals or promotional pricing that a given provider may be offering on or off Flatpebble
  • We reserve the right to deny claims or to modify these terms at any time.
What services does he offer for this price ?
Each package clearly lists the services on offer, the price and the Service duration. You can check availability and book the service provider instantly.   Click here to ask Admin any questions you have
What kind of deliverables does he provide ?
You can see clear Deliverable information on each package. You can see more details or request customizations if your requirement is very different. For minor increases, we recommend, you buy the package and discuss the rest with the Service provider. For eg. Additional albums, soft copies etc can be obtained on discussion and extra cost as relevant.
If I need more albums, soft copies, other services etc, what should I do ? - Do i pay him or Flatpebble ? If yes how much ?
You can see more details or request customizations if your requirement is very different. For minor increases, we recommend, you buy the package and discuss the rest with the Service provider. For eg. Additional albums, soft copies etc can be obtained on discussion and extra cost as relevant. You pay only package price or advance on Flatpebble. Additional deliverables can be directly procured from the service provider.
How do I check availability of Service providers
Check real time / near real time availability only on flatpebble. Please click on Check now on any package and you'll be intimated on service provider availability.
How do I contact him ?
Service provider contact details are instantly emailed to you and your details are sent to the service provider as soon as you book a package.Order confirmation carries clear information of the package booked, so its clear to both parties on whats on offer.
How do I pay ?
Flatpebble offers industry leading security on online payments with over 100+ payment options. Whats more is we can do cash pick up's for amounts less than INR 20,000 from any part of India. For higher amounts we will require a Pan card copy.
Is it safe ?
Flatpebble works with PayU, one of India's top payment gateways.
What happens if I change my mind ?
Please refer to our refund policy, which applies on all cancellations or refunds here.
What happens if he doesn’t show up ?
In case of such an unfortunate event, flatpebble will try to arrange a back up on a best effort basis. Such an event has not occurred in the history of flatpebble's bookings yet. Touch wood :)
What do I do now ?
Click on buy now to book a package. Its as easy as that.Still have questions, reach out to our Job managers.
Customer Service Helpline: +91 7930256869
Customer Support Email: ask@flatpebble.com
Does Flatpebble have any fee ?
We do not charge customers anything. Its Free, Zip, Zero, Zilch what have you. Flatpebble charges commissions between 8 to 11 percent
After I pay the advance what happens to the remaining amount ?
We strongly recommend that you pay the remaining amount on Flatpebble after the event. We secure your payment, till the deliveries are complete and release it to the service provider. It helps everyone.
Why pay on flatpebble ?
1000's of customers struggle with album's and other delivery delays. Paying on Flatpebble ensures Service providers are paid 30 % after the event and the remaining after delivery. Secure yourself today, pay on Flatpebble. Learn more about FP Payment Protection here
How can Flatpebble help me find a better package/price?
You can help yourself. The platform is set up as a self service product that will help you find what you are looking for in minutes. In addition our job managers will help you wade through minor nuances like specific customizations, detailing, or any other info you are looking for. See all that you want go ahead and book in peace, finding your service provider has never been this easy.
kinds of services ( difference between candid and traditional)
Can I pay by cash?
Yes,we use one of the worlds top Couriers to pick up your cash safely and securely and at no cost from your homes. Should you choose to pay cash, please click the pay by cash option at your checkout, and please respond to our confirmation call. Your payment will be picked up in 24 hrs by a Courier employee with id card and other relevant details.
what's a one day duration , will I be charged extra for an hour.
One day is 8 hours of shooting / service time. Minor variations will be handled by your pro, but for significant overruns, you will be charged extra. You can discuss this with your pro at the event in case you expect an overrun.
How can I talk to the Service Provider ? Why no contact details.
To save time at either fronts, we recommend that you shortlist down to a few pro's based on your needs. We believe you have all the information required to make your decision and the chat system will help iron out any and all other questions, if you still require a call for complex situations, just ask and our job managers will Conference you with Service providers completely free !
How do I know if he is available?
Click on the check availability link (coming soon) or use the chat system to leave a message to the Pro and you will know very soon. As always in case its an urgent requirement do reach out to our job managers and they will resolve your query asap.
Why should hire a Flatpebble Professional Wedding Photographer ?
Flatpebble Wedding Photographers are handpicked professionals, specially chosen to deliver the best experience on your wedding day. We take pains to verify work quality, Equipment, feedback, teams, offerings, package detailing and even pricing. In addition we continually work with feedback from customers and service providers to keep raising the Flatpebble Quality Bar. Pro's will deliver high quality deliverables including high quality photo and video as specified and other deliverables like albums in a reasonable time.
How do you verify professionals
Professionals with a verified pro tag on Flatpebble have had a Flatpebble audit lead visit them, to verify the Pro's work, equipment, team, history, documents,government and other business licenses, team members and deliverable samples. We continue to review verifications every 8-12 months or in the interim in case of issues or changes.
What if the professional doesn’t show up ?
In case of such an unfortunate event, flatpebble will try to arrange a back up on a best effort basis. Such an event has not occurred in the history of flatpebble's bookings yet. Touch wood :)
What happens after I book on Flatpebble ? (What happens next ?)
On Receipt of your payment, an order confirmation with clear details of the package booked, the service providers, email, phone number and other relevant contacts are emailed to you and your contacts are communicated to the service provider. You will be contacted within 24 hours by your Service provider to discuss any specifics, details or queries and can continue to remain in touch till your event via Flatpebble Chat.
In case you need any clarifications from us customer care is reachable at +91 7930256869 or email us at ask@flatpebble.com
What is your cancellation or refund policy ?
Yes, things change in life. We understand. Our cancellation policy is designed to make life easy for you at the same time protect the service provider. See details here (link).
Do I need to pay to use Flatpebble's services ? Do you have any charges ? Don’t tell me its FREE !
Flatpebble does not charge customers for the use of our services.Its completely FREE! We are super committed to helping you hire the Best Value Service provider and are constantly pushing the envelope thinking of new ideas, models, pricing structures, financing etc that will simplify life for you. How do we make money then, to make the economics of our survival work, we charge our service providers a fee for every package sale.
What is the package price inclusive of ?
Everything ! What you see is what you get in this case. The price visible is inclusive of all fees, taxes and all other things included for the services mentioned. Additional services if requested will/ Can be charged by Service providers. Travel within city of residence for the Service provider for up to 50 km's is inclusive. All additional travel and accommodation for non local bookings are chargeable.
What happens if I am not happy with the service ?
We strive to ensure you are not just happy, but delighted when you use a Flatpebble Pro. However, in case you are unhappy with the service provided, a clear review of your experience is the only recourse right now. However this is a massive deterrent, as Flatpebble only allows verified reviews, customers pay considerable attention to reviews and Service Providers are focused on ensuring great delivery which can result in positive reviews.
what will be the location?
You can choose a convenient location after your booking. Usually public parks are preferable and day time is a great time to shoot, because no light can match the Sun !
why choose a Flatpebble pro for baby shoot?
Flatpebble pro's are experienced in handling young children and new born's. Working with kids requires patience, gentle care and an eye for detail that ensure that when the little Lady / Man is in the mood, their twinkling smiles and playful antics are captured in all their glory. Check out the work portfolio of our pro's before you narrow down to the one that suits you best. For baby shoots, if dates are flexible you can buy a package and work out a convenient slot with your pro within hours of your booking. Never forget to review the Pro after the event and delivery !
what are the kinds of props?
You can discuss specific props with your pro; Props maybe charged as extra.
what are the kinds of prints/ albums.
Should be album links
is trial make up inclusive
Depends on the package
what are the things I should be arranging for?
Nothing, walk in, look great, Walk out !
how long does the makeup session last and how long does it stay?
Make up session can go on for about 1-2 hours and lasts about 5-8 hours, hours based on the products used.
What does Privacy mean to TechClove ?
To us Privacy means a lot more. It means our livelihood. It means trust. It means worry free interaction. It means everything to us!.We set some fundamental rules for ourselves to ensure that when you log onto www.flatpebble.com", you can do so with a peaceful, worry free mind and just find the creative you love !
What are your privacy policies?
We will NEVER share, sell or discuss your private information ever! You will NEVER get a call/ email/ message from TechClove asking for passwords, pins etc. We store all passwords in a non-reversible encryption. This means if you forget your password, we cannot do much about it, but we'll help you reset and start over. Of course you must prove you are who you say you are. We have done our bit to ensure the flatpebble.com.com site is free of hackers and spam, but this is an ongoing battle. We have done our bit to ensure the flatpebble.com.com site is free of hackers and spam, but this is an ongoing battle. We will email you ever so often, because there is no other to way to profess our love. Our emails will be short and hopefully fun to read.
You can choose to subscribe to SMS as a contributor to be informed when there is a sale or a payment is made.
You will not receive these SMS if you are a part of the -do not disturb- registry.
Government Queries
If the government of India comes asking questions, however we will cooperate to abide by the rules of law,so do ensure you are paying your taxes, and your PAN card information is valid and authentic.
Respect others privacy and demand respect for your own privacy
We encourage you to be respectful of customer privacy and to use utmost respect and care in your communications with them.
What payment options do you accept ?
We accept all leading credit cards, debit cards and net-banking option. What's more is you can now offer these options to your clients as well to allow them to confirm your bookings through Flatpebble.com.
How are cancellations, reschedules and refunds handled for packages ?
You may cancel your booking on flatpebble.com any time. A written notification or an e-mail to that effect from the person who made the booking must be received at our office. The cancellation charges applicable are as per the published cancellation policy below:

Cancellation charges for Fixed date services (Weddings, Birthdays, Bridal):
31 days or more before rendering the service 0% of total booking amount*
15 - 30 days before rendering the service 50% of total booking amount*
0 - 14 days before rendering the service 100% of total booking amount*

Cancellation charges for variable date services: Full refund for services not rendered.

* - payment gateway charges will be applied as applicable After booking confirmation, if you wish to change your booked services in any way (e.g. your chosen event dates or location), we will do our utmost to accommodate these changes but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes must be in writing from the person who made the booking. All cost incurred due to amendment will be borne by you.

For Non Fixed Date services, Service must be availed within 3 months of the purchase date. Refunds will be processed only within 3 months from booking date after which the booking will be considered as lapsed, with no refund due.

Do you offer Refunds on Subscriptions ?
All subscriptions and other customer lead or advertising related sku's on Flatpebble.com,are NON refundable and are NON transferable under any and all conditions.
How are refunds processed ?
All refunds are processed in to the same instrument that was used to make the initial payment to Flatpebble.
What are the time lines for processing refunds?
All refunds are processed within 21 business days of acceptance of your refund request by Flatpebble.