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Here is a list of Top wedding photographers in Bangalore, mumbai, pune, kolkata , chennai and other cities on

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Here's a list of Candid wedding Photographers from Bangalore who have been most hired on . Check out their work , read customer reviews and get the best quotation from them on . Post a FREE Job NOW!

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What is "Post a Job" and why the hell does it have so many questions? Why should I invest time in putting so much thought into this . Read on and get some basics right of what we're trying to do.

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This article should typically help you differenciate between these 2 styles of photography . Figure out what your style is and choose your wedding photographer accordingly.

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Customer reviews are something that can impact one's decision to a large extent . This is solely because it gives you a whole new perspective about the person who is going to shoot the wedding for you. You know what to expect and be sure of whom you pick.

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This article will give you an insight into how the flatpebble syetm ensures every customer lead is genuine. For any comments/feedback , write to us or mail us on

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Weddings are a time where you would meet people after a long time. Its a perfecft reunion of families ,freinds and loved ones. Make the reunions a memorable one. P.S -Photographers love the crazy ones and you become their ideal subject for a candid pic.

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Hindu weddings are something that is pretty challenging for a photographer due to the nature of ceremonies and number of events that it involves. Plan and keep a few things in mind to deliver the best for your customers.

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We on have multitalented folks who not only do weddings, but also love shooting kids /babies. Looking for someone to shoot your baby's first birthday or any spl event, provides you with the best talent.

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No matter how beautiful the hall is decorated ,or however nice the bride looks, food takes the priority over all this at a wedding and that's what everyone remembers. Read on to know the delicacies of India and realise the amazing cusines we have!

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You find a mix of generations in all weddings. Here are a few standard kind of people whom you will not miss seeing at any wedding you attend. They bring out more expressions, more drama and wedding photographers love them :)

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With everything going online and commercial, Wedding blogging has become a current trend, where the bride/groom pens down anything and everything happening in the process so that they can share it with friends, family. Keep everyone updated :)

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Know more about the different south indian wedding styles and how photographers capture not only the memories, but also Indian culture.

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Ensure your wedding memories are captured well. Read on to know more about the best wedding photographers in Delhi. Note - This list is in no particular order. The photographers have been selected based on bookings and customer reviews on

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Gone are the days where people want their whole 2 day wedding covered like a 3 hour movie. Its the era of wedding films. 20-30 minutes, short, crisp, fun and brings a smile on everyone who watches it. Read on to know more about them.

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Its your big day and pictures are the only memory you'll have with you for life. You may have wanted to ask your photographer tons of things. From now on, if not all ensure you ask a few questions such as the one stated below.

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Destination weddings have now become a trend. Read through all that needs to be considered before you choose one for your special day!

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You may have read about, and surely know about how much people invest in weddings. Check out Para 3 to know where to invest into this once in a lifetime occasion

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With the raising trend of wedding planners, here are few ways in which a wedding planner can make your life easier and your wedding a relaxed experience for you.

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To all the folks in Bangalore, watch out for the amazing photography talent which includes a few big names known all over the nation. This list is in no particular order.

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Looking for a wedding photographer in Mumbai? Traditional to candid, Photographers to videographers, Photo albums to wedding films, name it and we have it. Choose among the best to capture your memories. This list is in no particular order.

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Everyone talks about "candid" pictures these days and this has become the cliched word today. Here's a brief write up on what exactly is "Candid photography" and a few tips to use while you click pictures so that it can be called "Candid".

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Here's a small write up on the key aspects of Maharashtraian weddings, small details on the rituals and most importantly,what are the moments to be captured.

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Most of us look forward to a wedding because of the amount of fun we will have and the people we meet after ages. Typically it is like a mini vacation off our routines for most of us and here are a few reasons why they are so much fun.

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Looking for a wedding photographer in Hyderabad? Contemperory or Candid. Traditional or photojournalistic. We have them all on Check out what suits your style and choose from the best for your big day. This list is in no particular order.