How it works?
Choose a package
Pick from 1000’s of Packages made by service providers for wedding, baby shoots, hair styling and more.
Chat with service providers
Connect with service providers; Chat live to confirm, availability, services, details and more.
Payment protection
Pay 30% to confirm your booking. Your advance is paid to the provider only after the service is complete.
How  packages work

We did all the hard work, so that you can browse Pre-defined packages that have been created specially for you.

Choose from pre-defined packages offered by top quality service providers specially curated for you. Each package has specific details of whats included in terms of services, duration and the output u will receive. A Super Discounted, Unbeatable Price, that you’ll never find Offline !
How chat simplifies life
Phew, All that detail and you still want to know more, no problem, Chat Live with our service providers.
Well, you don’t have to make 10 calls and explain ur requirement to 10 people only to find that its way above ur budget or he/she is already booked. Flatpebble’s Conversations” is our proprietary chat app that lets u chat live with as many service providers as u wish to understand their packages better. Chat keeps your info secure instead of being bombarded with tons of phone calls.

Discuss anything from timings for your makeup routine, dress combinations for the Pre wedding shoot, or just clear your doubts about a package. If your service prvovider is offline, leave a message and they’ll get back to you in no time, all of this absolutely free.
Why  pay on flatpebble
Finally the most important, your money.
Booking a package on flatpebble gives you Unprecedented Payment and Delivery protection. You pay 30% of package price (only for above>10k) to book the package . This is held at the flatpebble escrow till the service is completed. You pay 70% once the shoot is over, and service provider only receives it on submitting the deliverables. In simple words, service provider is paid only once the job is done.

Once you book the package, get service providers contact details and have a great event :)