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Company Profile

Flatpebble is a managed marketplace aggregating Events & Lifestyle services & service providers across all Indian metros.The company was founded by Venky & Pranav to build the world’s best services ecosystem. The aim is to help consumers buy the best pre-packaged services with upfront, pre-negotiated pricing from verified professionals both, organised and crowdsourced (via verified buyer reviews). The platform also helps professionals complete last mile deliveries, manage and grow their business, digital identities & reputation. Our portfolio of services and cities serviced is rapidly expanding.

Flatpebble is proudly based in India, engineering solutions for the world focussed on improving the Event & Lifestyle services experience. We operate successfully in the rapidly growing services marketplace sector, deploying a winning combination of a powerful and scalable tech platform, with deep understanding of the target services in the Events & Lifestyle space. Consumers looking to get married, or having a family event and businesses looking for various types of pre packaged services like Photography, Videography, Catering, Transport, Event Photography and more are our customers.

Flatpebble is backed by the reputed IAN (Indian Angel Network) and its investors include Kris Gopalakrishnan (Ex-Infy CEO), Sanjay Jesrani ( Ex-CEO Hitachi Consulting) , Subram Kapoor (Ex-Beam Telecom Founder) and more. We are a Microsoft Ventures Batch 5 Alumni and will be part of Cohort 2 of the MAGIC ASEAN expansion programme.

Brand Logos
Brand logo for advertising and customer use.
Brand logo blue for our partner use.
App icon for customers.
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Venkatesan Seshadri
CEO and Co-founder

Pranav Mehta
CTO and Co-founder
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